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Heat Pump Maintenance
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Louisville Heat Pump Tune-Up Services

The heat pump in your home is a vital piece of HVAC equipment that serves as both the heating and cooling systems. As such, heat pump maintenance needs to be a priority for Kentucky homeowners. If you are unsure precisely what your heat pump system needs for proper maintenance, the experts at Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling are ready and willing to help. Our NATE-certified technicians can offer heat pump maintenance tips, heat pump repair options, and preventative maintenance exams to keep this essential HVAC system running smoothly.

Replacing a heat pump that has fallen into disrepair is an expensive operation, and it is much cheaper to simply maintain your system. Your home’s heat pump system is a significant investment, much like a nice car. How do you treat your cars? Most people would not ignore oil changes or regular repairs on their vehicle and expect it to operate well. However, many people do just that with their HVAC system.

A heat pump maintenance exam is much like an oil change for your car. During preventative maintenance, our technicians take the time to verify that every component of your system is running smoothly before it goes through the strain of another busy season. That way, when the thermostat calls for air conditioning or warm air, your heat pump is ready.

As one of your home’s most essential systems, the heat pump deserves to be well maintained. Schedule heat pump maintenance today by contacting Jarboe’s.

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Perks of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

As both the air conditioning and heating system for your home, your heat pump maintenance exams will need to be performed twice annually. Each exam will focus on a different aspect of your heat pump’s heavy workload. There are several perks to keeping your heat pump well maintained by a licensed HVAC technician from Jarboe’s. If you are unsure about the need for twice-yearly preventative maintenance exams, think about how the following perks could benefit your family during the subsequent cooling or heating season.

Limit Future Repairs

Instead of waiting for your heat pump system to break down before you give it any attention, preventative maintenance could actually prevent up to 70% of future repairs. While homeowners should change their heat pump’s air filter regularly-according to the manufacturer’s instructions – a more in-depth heat pump service is necessary to check all other systems.

Heat pump systems have many complex and delicate systems which can malfunction if they are not maintained. For example, low refrigerant levels can cause problems. During a regular tune up visit, our technicians will verify that the reversing valves have proper function, limiting refrigerant leaks and preventing frozen evaporator coils in the outdoor unit.

Another common issue homeowners experience from a lapse in heat pump maintenance is the system running without adequate airflow. Unrestricted airflow is essential for proper function in several ways, including improving energy efficiency, allowing the appropriate amount of air through clean outdoor coils, and even facilitating the defrost cycle. Did you know that your system’s air flow affected all of that? You can prevent the need for major repairs in these systems by simply replacing the air filter, keeping supply and return registers opened and unblocked, and making a well-maintained heat pump at the top of your to do list.

Increase Heat Pump Efficiency

Your monthly utility bill is directly affected by how energy efficient your heat pump runs each and every day. Energy consumption can be decreased by regular maintenance in which your system’s correct electric control is monitored.

Automated technology within the unit may begin to require additional energy if all the electrical wiring and electrical connections are not functioning appropriately. During a preventative maintenance exam, our technicians will tighten electrical connections and ensure that major components of the heat pump, which are controlled by the electrical system, function correctly. Your programmable thermostat is one such electrical component that must function well for efficiency.

Extend System Lifespan

The average heat pump will function adequately for anywhere from 15-20 years. However, preventative heat pump maintenance visits can extend the lifetime of your system by up to 10 years. Our dedicated, experienced team here at Jarboe’s has both the skills and know-how to handle any repairs your system may require, regardless of the brand of your HVAC equipment. Following the heat pump maintenance tips from Jarboe’s team can help your heat pump run like a new system, no matter how old it is.

Improve Air Quality

Your home’s indoor air quality is directly affected by how regularly your air filters are changed. The heat pump in your home has several built-in filters that work tirelessly to clean the air of potential allergens, bacteria, and dirt, causing the filter to become filthy over time.

Without changing your air filters regularly, the entire system can become so dirty that it does not function properly. Our technicians will clean outdoor coils, evaporator coils, and the condenser unit in addition to replacing air filters to ensure that the air flowing through your heat pump is properly cleansed before it is heated or cooled. Anyone in your home who has asthma or suffers from allergies will likely be able to feel the difference.

Heat Pump Maintenance Plan Benefits

While your home’s heat pump maintenance cost is likely surprisingly affordable, you may be able to save even more money by joining an HVAC maintenance plan. The name of these plans can vary, but they will generally cover two maintenance visits per year, as is recommended for your heat pump. Regular membership in a maintenance plan includes advantages, such as:

  • Discount repairs
  • Diagnostic service discounts
  • Labor warranty extensions
  • New HVAC equipment savings
  • Priority scheduling

A significant perk of joining an HVAC maintenance plan is that your membership simplifies logistics. Instead of trying to remember when your last visit was and scheduling another visit at the appropriate interval, HVAC technicians will actually contact you and offer you priority scheduling. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Frequently Asked Heat Pump Maintenance Questions

As trusted professionals, the technicians at Jarboe’s have received many heat pump related questions over the years. Homeowners are usually very anxious to know how to care for their heat pumps systems, and common questions typically emerge. If you are unfamiliar with routine heat pump maintenance, the following questions may be able to help you. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to call. Our friendly team is more than willing to answer any questions you have.

How Often Does My System Need to Be Serviced?

As both your home’s heating and cooling system, the heat pump can take considerable strain each year. Most people run the air conditioning aspect of their heat pump every day throughout the summer and the heating system throughout the winter months, and some systems will go months without a break. To offset the strain of each season on your HVAC system, Jarboe’s recommends having your heat pump serviced at least twice a year. Each visit will focus on a different aspect of your heat pump’s work, ensuring it is in excellent condition for each heating or cooling season.

Failing to maintain your heat pump adequately could lead to it becoming inefficient, unresponsive, or incapable of functioning entirely. Ultimately, replacing your system or paying for heavy repairs is much more expensive than preventative maintenance costs-especially if you sign up for a maintenance plan. Make sure that your heat pump is ready for each season with biannual maintenance exams.

When Is the Best Time to Tune Up My Heat Pump?

It can be very stressful to get heat pump repair services while you need the system to be functioning well. Imagine your heat pump failing to keep your house warm while it is full of people who have gotten together to celebrate the holidays. Avoid major issues during the summer heat or on a cold winter night by scheduling your heat pump maintenance early in each season.

Most homeowners prefer to have their heat pumps tuned up in the spring to ensure that they are ready for the air conditioning required each summer. Early fall is another excellent time to maintain the heating system in your home before the cold sets in. That way, you will be ready for whatever weather each season brings.

In the end, the best time to get your heat pump maintenance exam is whenever you can get a Jarboe’s NATE-certified technician in your home. Fortunately, scheduling is easy! Give us a call today.

What Maintenance Does a Heat Pump Need?

During a regular maintenance exam, Jarboe’s technicians follow an in-depth heat pump maintenance checklist, ensuring that each part of your heat pump is running well. Some of the things on this list include:

  • Inspect belts
  • Clean blower wheel and fan blades
  • Lubricate motors
  • Verify correct refrigerant charge
  • Tighten connections to electric terminals
  • Check for proper drainage in the condensate drain
  • Verify correct thermostat operation
  • Check fan motors for air flow
  • Clean the indoor unit
  • Change air filter

With Jarboe’s NATE-certified technicians taking care of your heat pump maintenance and repairs, your HVAC system will function great for many years to come.

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