Zone Your Home

Another great use for programmable thermostats is home zoning. Zoning is simply a way of grouping the rooms in your home by their cooling and heating needs. If your family is like most, someone is always cold or always hot, causing a never‐ending battle over the thermostat. Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace? If you choose to zone your home, you can be comfortable in every room.

When you’ve got a lot of office equipment running, like computers and printers, your home office can heat up in a hurry. Zoning lets you set your home office at a lower temperature to compensate for all that electronic heat. If your children have flown the nest, leaving you with empty bedrooms, you can zone the rooms so that you aren’t paying to heat unused space. And when you’re hosting for the holidays and the main area of your home is packed with dozens of relatives, use zoning to turn down the temperature where the group is— without turning the other rooms into igloos.

You may also be interested in smart thermostats.

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