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Those that live in Kentucky’s biggest city have many choices when heating, cooling, and plumbing services are needed at home. As you search for a Louisville, KY heating and cooling company or plumber, you’ll see that Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a name trusted by many throughout the metropolitan area. Our team of verified plumbing, heating, and cooling professionals delivers the quality workmanship and dedicated customer service our clients expect – your 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed, no matter how big or small your needs.

From minor repairs to total system replacement, Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling does it all. We know HVAC and plumbing problems aren’t convenient, nor do these situations evoke a sense of calm when they occur. Jarboe’s plumbing, heating, and cooling professionals aim to curb the difficulty you experience and the frenzied feelings you may have when household leaks, system breakdowns, and other issues arrive at your residence. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year – anytime you need us, we’ll be there.

Trust Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for professional service in these areas:

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Air Conditioning Repair in Louisville, KY

Outdoor temperatures can reach into an uncomfortable range, especially in the middle of a Louisville, KY summer. Homeowners keep air conditioners running heavily to combat the heat and keep their indoor spaces flush in comfort. Occasionally, air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless mini split cooling systems struggle to keep homes cool, and sometimes they fail to work at all. When your cooling system is on the fritz, the only call you need to make is to Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Jarboe’s employs NATE-certified air conditioning repair technicians who are capable of performing repairs to all makes and models of air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless air conditioning units. Whether it’s a regularly scheduled service appointment or an emergency service call, our technicians arrive promptly and get to work straight away.

After evaluating all areas of your cooling system, we explain the performance issues that inspection uncovered as well as the repairs we propose to fix these malfunctions. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, as we want to make sure you are comfortable with the solutions we suggest. Once you sign off, our technicians get to work right away to implement the repairs your air conditioner needs to perform properly once more.

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Air Conditioning Replacement in Louisville, KY

A struggling air conditioner can raise summertime energy bills without providing the benefit of proper cooling for your family. Avoid energy waste and discomfort with air conditioner replacement and equip your Louisville, KY home with the new, high efficiency air conditioning unit it needs.

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer offering a great variety of new air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless air conditioning equipment for your home. Our Comfort Consultants can help you select the new cooling system that best fits your needs and budget, while ensuring the system is sized correctly for efficient performance over its service life. Our technicians are trained by Carrier to perform comprehensive air conditioner installation services for all new units, so your new air conditioner runs as it should at first use and beyond.

When you face a situation where repairs are possible, it may make more financial sense to go ahead with air conditioner replacement instead. When a cooling system is on its last legs, repairs will only help for so long, if they’re even a possibility. Talk with our Comfort Consultants to gain insight into your home’s cooling equipment situation and run the numbers to see how an air conditioner replacement can benefit your household.

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Furnace Repair in Louisville, KY

The cold, wet winters we see in Louisville, KY create the need for reliable furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers in homes across the city. When furnaces act up and fail to deliver the heating your family requires to stay warm and comfortable, professional repairs correct performance problems to restore efficient heating inside your home.

The NATE-certified furnace repair technicians of Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling perform heating repairs for all brands and models – whatever type of heating system you have, we are able to repair it. If you notice minor performance problems, schedule a service appointment for a convenient time and day. For total system breakdowns, contact us for emergency heating repair for service now. Jarboe’s always has a heating technician on call, no matter what time or day it is. Heating outages don’t only impact home comfort, but they can create unsafe conditions, which is why we are available 24/7 to assist you.

When your heating system acts up or fails, our technicians perform a complete evaluation to get a clear picture of the problem affecting your furnace, heat pump, or boiler. We identify system problems and plan accurate repairs that restore the heating performance of your HVAC equipment. All questions are answered and repair work begins once you are ready. Most furnace repairs can be performed in one visit, as our technicians arrive with the tools and replacement parts necessary to complete many common heating repairs.

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Furnace Replacement in Louisville, KY

A failing furnace compromises comfort and safety inside your Louisville, KY home. Heating equipment in poor condition can also drive up energy costs, as it consumes more energy than it should to do a sub-par job. In these situations, furnace replacement is often the best solution to provide your family with a reliable source of heating once more.

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is proud to be a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. We carry a complete line of new Carrier gas furnaces, heat pumps, and other heating systems for installation. Our NATE-certified furnace replacement technicians receive factory direct training to ensure careful, complete installation of any new Carrier furnace or heat pump you choose. We help area homeowners replace aging heating systems with new high efficiency equipment as well as upgrade to more efficient heating solutions, such as geothermal heat pump systems. No matter what your needs are, our team is able to help.

To prevent heating outages and hasty purchase decisions, we recommend planning ahead for your furnace replacement in the spring, summer, or early fall. However, we understand that it’s difficult to know exactly when to replace your furnace, which is why we always have new furnaces available and technicians standing by to perform furnace replacement whenever you need it.

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Plumbing Repair in Louisville, KY

When parts of your home’s plumbing system aren’t working as they should, there is a risk of water waste and damage as well as the inconvenience of a fixture that cannot be used. Plumbing problems that are overlooked can lead to higher water bills and harm to your Louisville, KY home. Don’t risk it – call Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for fast plumbing repairs right away.

Your home’s plumbing system is made up of many components and fixtures, and various problems can affect them at any point in time. When a toilet isn’t flushing as it should or your water bill rises without explanation, turn to the plumbing experts at Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for answers. Our licensed Kentucky plumbers are always available to assess and fix your plumbing system, whether the situation warrants an emergency service call or can wait until the next business day. With emergency availability, we are able to provide the skilled assistance you need to avoid a plumbing disaster at home.

From tightening up a leaky faucet to installation of new plumbing pipes or equipment, the Jarboe’s plumbers do it all! Through expert plumbing repairs, we help area homeowners save water and maximize convenience when using plumbing fixtures and equipment throughout the house.

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Water Heater Replacement in Louisville, KY

A faulty water heater has the potential to cause a wide range of problems in a Louisville, KY home, from cold showers to flooded floors. Water heater replacement allows homeowners to avoid these issues and gain highly efficient water heating equipment for their family’s benefit. From conventional tank water heaters to tankless water heater models, Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has the equipment you need and the installation expertise necessary to ensure leak-free high performance hot water.

Water heaters don’t last forever – if you live in your home for a decade or more, it’s practically a guarantee that a new tank water heater will be necessary at some point in time. Tankless water heaters offer a service life expectancy double that of a tank model, which is typically 20 years or more. As water heaters age, issues like poor heating performance and even leaks start to pop up, causing frequent repair calls and higher energy bills. Put a stop to these extra costs and inconveniences when you choose water heater replacement.

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling performs installation of new tank and tankless water heaters. Our plumbers remove old tank units and install high efficiency tank water heaters, swap aging tankless units for new models, and even convert homes to tankless water heating when a tank water heater was previously installed. We offer equipment solutions to help you meet your energy and water conservation goals at a price you can afford. Our licensed plumbers perform careful installation of all new water heaters to ensure they operate as expected and avoid performance issues like leaks which cause hassle and damage.

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Sump Pump Replacement in Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY homes with basements and crawlspaces are prone to moisture issues, especially without a sump pump. Sump pump malfunctions can easily go unnoticed until the area is flooded, resulting in costly damage to the home. A flooded basement can destroy precious items and create an ideal environment for mold growth that wreaks havoc on the home as well as the family’s health.

Sump pump replacement helps Louisville homeowners protect foundations and more from rising water levels due to sudden storms, melting snow, and more. A quality sump pump can last several years, but when they run frequently, replacement may be needed sooner than you expect. Protect your home by ensuring your sump pump functions as it should through regular maintenance and inspection, and replace the system when the need arises.

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling performs sump pump replacement as well as installation of battery backup sump pumps in Louisville, KY. While a single sump pump is a good solution, a battery backup sump pump provides extra insurance in case the primary unit fails or becomes overburdened. With a dedicated battery, these sump pumps have power even during utility outages, so your basement or crawlspace isn’t left unprotected in the midst of a heavy storm.

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