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Here's How You Can Figure Out Why You Have Low Water Pressure

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When water pressure is low in your Louisville home, it becomes difficult to get things done comfortably, from bathing to chores. Whether low water pressure starts suddenly or develops over time, numerous plumbing issues could be to blame.

Thankfully, with a good plumber on your team, low water pressure is easily solved! The licensed Louisville plumbers of Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling share the causes of low water pressure, how to troubleshoot them, and when to call us for help. If you need plumbing repairs to restore proper water pressure in your home, contact us today.

The Purpose of Water Pressure

The water coming into your home is pressurized to allow it to travel from the source, to your home, and through your plumbing lines. Louisville homes connected to a municipal water source receive water that is pressurized, often by a water tower that takes advantage of its altitude to move water. For homes with private wells, you also have a pressure tank – water is pumped from the well to the pressure tank, then placed under pressure to move throughout your plumbing system.

Residential water pressure levels are ideal at 45 to 55 psi (pounds per square inch), though it’s not unusual for home water pressure to go up to 80 psi. It varies based on the amount of water demanded across the entire municipality at any given time, how far your house is from the source, and other factors.

If your home’s water pressure dips down to 40 psi, low water pressure becomes an issue. You definitely start to experience the issues that low water pressure causes when it drops to 30 psi and below. When water pressure is low, it feels like less water comes from your taps, making it difficult to shower and complete household chores. On the other hand, it’s not good if water pressure reaches too high, as this stresses your plumbing and causes leaks as well as damage.

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