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Is a Battery Backup Sump Pump Worth it?

Sump pump in a homeowner's basement - Jarboe's Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling

Louisville homes with basements and crawlspaces need sump pumps to move water away from the foundation and prevent water damage. Unfortunately, when the home’s main sump pump fails, the home is left without protection and expensive water damage is a potential result. Battery backup sump pumps help residents protect their homes and valuables in the event of sump pump failure.

Flooding is an issue for many homes throughout the Louisville area – even if the home is not in a flood plain, groundwater levels are able to cause flooding in basements or crawlspaces. Learn about the function of sump pumps and battery backup sump pumps, and why these systems are so important.

The Purpose of a Sump Pump

Heavy rains and large volumes of snow melting saturate the ground with excess moisture. This water seeps into crawlspaces and basements through cracks in the foundation. Unchecked, flooding occurs as well as significant water damage.

Sump pumps are used to manage this groundwater infiltration and safely move excess water away from the home. A sump pit is dug at the lowest point of the home to collect incoming water. The sump pump sits within this pit, and pumps out water when accumulation reaches a certain level.

Sump pumps are either manual or automatic, and both run off a home’s electrical power. Manual sump pumps must be turned on and off by the user, whereas automatic sump pumps detect water level in the sump pit and automatically activate when levels are too high. Most homeowners choose an automatic sump pump, as rising water levels are difficult to detect and the manual sump pump may not be able to be turned on in time to prevent flooding.

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