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Should You Get a Furnace Warranty?

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When investing a substantial amount of money into a new heating system, Louisville area homeowners want to know they are gaining value. Furnace warranties help homeowners feel confident in the performance of the products they choose and are key considerations when making purchase decisions.

Furnace warranties and their coverage make the difference between a low-cost repair and a significant expense in many situations. Jarboe’s shares with you the types of furnace warranties offered and the information you need to know to set up and use this vital coverage.

Furnace Warranties – Types for Homeowners

Furnace warranties cover different aspects of your heating equipment in the event that a malfunction occurs. Included with the purchase of your new furnace comes a manufacturer warranty. The contractor who installs your new heating system may separately warranty their company’s work. Extended furnace warranties may be offered to stretch the benefits of the original warranty.

Three general types of furnace warranties exist when you purchase a new unit:

Manufacturer Furnace Warranties

HVAC equipment manufacturers warranty their finished products and systems against material and workmanship defects within the furnace itself. The actual terms vary from one manufacturer to the next, including what is covered and the coverage period. It is a limited warranty that provides for the replacement of these items if failure occurs under certain conditions during the warranty term. With this warranty, the manufacturer covers the cost of a replacement component – while some brands offer unit replacement warranties for the failure of specific components, typically furnace warranties don’t cover total system replacement.

The manufacturer warranty may also be called an equipment warranty or parts warranty. It applies to major system components, not items like new furnace filters or blower motor belts. Most brands also offer a special warranty term that covers the heat exchanger of a furnace for a longer period of time than other major system components.

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