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This is Why You Need to Change Your Furnace Filter

As a Louisville homeowner, one of the most important things you should do is changing furnace filters throughout the year. Unfortunately, too many of us forget or skip this important job, which causes problems with HVAC equipment along with home comfort.

To drive home how important changing furnace filters is, our NATE-certified technicians share the many issues that are caused by dirty filters. We also explain how often to change your filter based on various factors that apply to your household.

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What Is a Furnace Filter’s Job?

Furnace filters are designed to capture dust, dirt, debris, and more that travel throughout our homes via the indoor air supply. Many people mistakenly believe a furnace filter does this job primarily to improve indoor air quality.

In fact, the main purpose of the furnace filter is to keep all those things out of your HVAC system – cleaner air is more of a bonus! Depending on the filter you use at home, it can have a great impact on air quality, but either way it primarily serves as a safeguard for your equipment.

When Changing Furnace Filters Is Necessary

How often changing furnace filters needs to be done in your home is probably different from your neighbor’s filter changing schedule. This is because there are several different types of filters and several different factors that make it so a filter may need a change sooner or later. Just take a look at the filter section of your local home improvement store and you’ll see what a wide selection of replacement filters there are on the market. The differences each of these filters carry impacts how often you must change them.

Changing furnace filters needs to take place anywhere from once per month to once per year – sounds like a pretty wide range, doesn’t it? Thankfully, you don’t have to guess when it’s time to replace your furnace filter. A good place to start is by checking the product information that was in the packaging when you purchased your new replacement filter. The manufacturer states how frequently your filter usually needs to be changed.

While different from one home to the next, in general changing furnace filters should happen on this schedule:

  • Replace 1- to 2-inch filters every 1 to 3 months
  • Replace 3- to 4-inch filters every 6 to 9 months
  • Replace 5- to 6-inch filters every 9 to 12 months

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