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The main sewer line is the largest drain in your home, and all of your home’s drains dump into it. This drain connects your home to the city sewer via an underground sewer system. Everything that goes through a drain in your home (stuff from your garbage disposal, toilet, shower…) travels through the main drain to the city sewer.

Your main sewer drain can get clogged for a number of reasons. All kinds of things go down the drains in your home… food, toilet paper, grease, hair, toys, and who knows what else… that can cause a clog. Your clog may be caused by things out of your control like a tree root growing into the sewer pipe. While you will want your drain unclogged quickly, you need to find out the source of the problem so that you can prevent it from happening again if possible.

Mainline sewer repairs can become messy. But, when repair or replacement of underground pipes is necessary, Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling uses trenchless technology to minimize the disturbance to your yard, landscaping, driveway, etc.

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