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Luxaire began as the C.A. Olsen Manufacturing Company in 1939 and quickly jumped into the world of heating. By 1942, the company became one of the top ten producers in the field. Because of their focus on quality and durability, Luxaire products have lasted through many American hardships.

During World War II, Luxaire produced heating equipment for barracks. These heating products supplied 60% of barracks with warmth during the war. By 1953, Luxaire started production on air conditioning equipment. The next year, they sent out their air conditioners into the market.

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling appreciates Luxaire’s dedication to quality and comfort for every homeowner, which is why we proudly service their products. Along with their durability, Luxaire furnaces, air conditioners, and more all offer high efficiency to homeowners. With the cost of energy usage rising, Luxaire keeps costs low for homeowners through efficiency.

They also believe in homeowner education to further the functionality of their HVAC equipment. Luxaire ensures homeowners know the difference between SEER ratings, HSPF ratings, AFUE levels, and ENERGY STAR® certification on their website. In addition, their products all have high ratings in each of these categories. Their products are also ENERGY STAR® certified, which means all of their products are at least 15% more efficient than standard products on the market.

Lastly, Luxaire continues to contribute to society through the Make-A-Wish foundation. In 2001, Luxaire decided to start a partnership with the foundation because they believe in bettering the world through comfortable living and good deeds. In total, they have raised nearly $3.7 million and have granted 500 wishes to children. This dedication to society as a whole shows the integrity of Luxaire and proves they aim to improve lives wherever they can.

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