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Concealed behind the walls, ceilings, and floors of your Louisville home, the air ducts provide many routes for conditioned air to travel from heating and air conditioning systems to the rooms throughout your house. Every section of duct is utilized practically every day of the year – any time the furnace or air conditioner runs a cycle, these sheet metal pathways are in action.

Duct cleaning does away with undesirable airborne particles to help air ducts maintain their condition and create cleaner air quality for your family. With these particles gone for good, your family can enjoy cozy living spaces without any surprise assaults that recirculating allergens launch back inside. Professional duct cleaning process is far more intense and involved than the average weekly dusting routine. Trained HVAC air ducts cleaners use proven methods and technologies to complete professional cleaning services covering every inch of the ducts hidden in your home.

Air ducts cleaning benefits multiple issues impacting indoor air and HVAC equipment. The supply and return air duct sections are thoroughly cleaned; vent cleaning removes dust and grime that gathers on registers, grills, and diffusers; and specialized cleaning takes care of the heat exchanger and evaporator coils – both critical components of your HVAC equipment. Air duct cleaning from Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling delivers the deep clean your HVAC air duct runs need to improve overall HVAC system performance along with air quality.

Eliminate the dust, allergens, and other contaminants hiding inside your ducts when you schedule service with a Jarboe’s air duct cleaner today.

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The Wonders of Duct Cleaning Services

Just as in other areas of your home, the ducts of your HVAC system collect ample amounts of dust, dirt, and other debris traveling around within the indoor air supply. Once air moves into the ducts, some particles continue making their way through the furnace and air handler, then out the supply duct back into the kitchen or living room. Some debris stops on the interior surfaces down deep in the ducts, settling in and gathering with other contaminants to form larger deposits.

However, that’s not the end of the road for contaminants! Even though they’ve stopped circulating that does not mean done for good – inside the ducts, the chance of recirculation always exists – inside the HVAC air ducts there is a constant exchange of contaminants as air flows through. As a result, years-old allergens have potential to exacerbate symptoms you thought you were long free of, and your indoor air quality continues to decline!

The duct cleaning procedure knocks out allergens and other common household air pollutants which accumulate inside the HVAC air duct system. Duct cleaning isn’t merely a cosmetic service that creates pristine parts – air duct cleaning creates many more benefits than a nice, clean duct network.

Do you know the many ways air duct cleaning benefits your Louisville household?

Clean, Quality Indoor Air

The improvement in air quality achieved by cleaning ducts is greatly valued by homeowners across the Louisville area. Some homes have high concentrations of allergens and other particulate matter which prove a constant burden for the home’s occupants and its HVAC system alike. Ducts are hot hiding places for these debris to collect in great volume, and particles shift in and out of the air supply due to continual circulation from heating and cooling use. When exposed to problematic pollutants at home, allergic reactions and other effects contribute to an unhealthy environment. and also contribute to well being conditions.

It’s all too easy for particles to reenter a room after a long time out in the depths of the ducts. We can’t sacrifice good air circulation throughout a home, so what do we do about pollutants in the ducts? Duct cleaning removes them entirely to prevent any future possibility of reentry in areas where family members are sensitive to certain particles.

Duct cleaning extracts a large volume of particulate matter from the ducts, which alone causes a big jump in air quality right away! Another highly practical benefit of service is living areas appear to stay cleaner for longer! With less matter spewing from the air out supply ducts into your rooms, you won’t notice the accumulation of dust so quickly, which translates to less time spent cleaning!

Enhanced HVAC Service Life & Energy Savings

Pollutants in the air supply do not come to a permanent rest inside the duct portion of your HVAC system. Instead, they move further and further down the line to the heating and cooling units. After dropping from suspension, they build up atop delicate furnace or air handler parts. Inside a furnace, air handler, air conditioner, or heat pump, contaminant accumulation diminishes system operation so the equipment is unable to use energy as efficiently as it should.

The system’s furnace filter is meant to trap this contamination and keep it out of the HVAC equipment. However, they are not 100 percent effective – this is even more true when filter changes do not occur when needed.

Cleaning ducts benefits HVAC equipment by reducing the volume of particles present in the air supply, which could cause damage when they make their way into the units. The significant volumes of contaminants pulled out of the ductwork through cleaning translates into protection for the furnace or air handler.

Do My Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

The conditions inside a home’s ductwork are difficult to verify unless you have assistance from an HVAC professional who is equipped with tools to look within. As such, homeowners are not always confident they will know when their ducts should be cleaned. Instead of seeing, rely on feeling – and occasionally, smelling! The guidance below can help you determine when your ducts should be cleaned.

  • The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) offers a baseline recommendation for = air duct cleaning to be performed every three to five years. Consider your household’s unique attributes and how they could contribute to more contaminants in the ducts to decide where in that range your service appointment should fall.
  • Moving to a new household warrants having ducts cleaned before moving in, when you can. Duct cleaning benefits new owners of existing and new construction homes alike, as even brand-new homes are found with ducts full of construction site debris. Have duct cleaning performed after wrapping up remodeling projects, too.
  • When you notice more dust in the home more frequently, it could be caused by those duct-dwelling contaminants. Have ducts cleaned to keep indoor surfaces clean, too.
  • After reports of mold growing inside the HVAC systems, always have your ducts cleaned. Airflow can easily spread mold from the HVAC unit into the ducts, then on into you living area.

More reasons to clean your ducts…

  • 9 out of 10 heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system failures are caused by dirt and dust… Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service
  • Clean systems restore capacity and lessen running time, which means you save more on monthly heating and cooling bills
  • Most fiberglass filters that are purchased in local stores are only 7% efficient in stopping dirt, dust, pollen, etc. from passing through them… American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and A/C Experts
  • 50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted air… American College of Allergies
  • Today’s air-tight homes lock-in construction pollutants and everyday air contaminants
  • A recent study found that the allergen level in super-insulated homes is 200% higher than it is in ordinary homes
  • A baby crawling on the floor inhales the equivalent of four cigarettes a day as a result of the out-gassing of carpets, molds, mildews, fungi, dust mites, etc… Scientific America
  • 6 out of 10 homes and buildings are “sick,” meaning they are hazardous to your health to occupy as a result of airborne pollutants… Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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