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Ductless systems connect an outdoor unit with an indoor unit to heat or cool one specific zone of a home without the use of ductwork. A ductless system is a great solution for homes without a central heating/cooling system or when a room is added onto a house or an attic is converted to a living space. Instead of extending the home’s existing ductwork, a ductless system can provide efficient heating and cooling at a lower operational cost.

A ductless heat pump or air conditioner typically consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit combined with an outside compressor. It’s most often used in a situation where a window A/C unit or baseboard heating would be considered, such as a new addition to a house. Ductless units require a very small hole to be drilled into the wall, but they are less vulnerable to air leakage and security problems when compared to window units. Plus, they’re less visible and audible.

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Ideal Situation for Ductless Systems

There are certain situations where ductless systems have a clear advantage and may be the best choice for a homeowner:

  1. When making a new addition to your home
  2. Meeting the needs of multiple people in the same household
  3. Providing support to a room with specific heating or cooling problems
  4. Adding air conditioning capability to a house with no existing ductwork

The Pros of Ductless Systems

Better for the Environment
The increased efficiency of ductless systems helps to greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Units can be strategically placed in multiple rooms, and each can be independently run. Therefore, you are able to run units in a particular space without heating or cooling areas that are not in use. This greatly decreases the amount of energy that is used throughout the home, reducing the environmental impact, and, again, saving you money. 

Satisfying Everyone’s Temperature Preferences
Your family likely has a variety of opinions on how cold or warm your home should stay. Ductless systems enable you to set the specific temperature for each room, which makes everyone happy, saving you from the disagreements that come from temperature discomfort.

Silent Operation
Other options can be noisy and annoying, distracting from your ability to relax or work at home. Because the major parts of a ductless unit are placed on the exterior of your home, much of the operation is performed outside your living space where you don’t have to listen to it. You will likely not even realize that the unit is on while still enjoying the cooled air.

The Cons of Ductless Systems

To maintain your system, you’ll have to wash each unit’s filter monthly (more often if you smoke or have pets). Don’t skip it. Ductless fans can’t handle accumulating debris, and, if you ignore maintenance, it may lead to costly repairs and possibly shorten the life of your system. 

Many homeowners are hesitant to install ductless because the units aren’t necessarily design-friendly. They come in standard white or beige and can’t be covered. 

Upfront Costs
For a single-room solution, ductless units cost several times more than comparable window units or baseboard heating units (thousands of dollars versus hundreds). And in whole-house terms, if you replace your existing central heating/cooling system with a complete ductless solution, you may pay two to three times the cost of choosing another ducted unit. While you’ll have lower energy bills, the payback period depends on your climate, your use of the system, and your local electricity rates.

Ductless Systems Repair

If your ductless system is behaving strangely or making weird sounds, it may be time to have an expert look at the unit. When your ductless system needs a repair, Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has experienced technicians available 24/7 to diagnose the problem and offer you options that are in your best interest. Our technician will explain the options so you can make an informed decision.

Ductless Systems Maintenance

When your ductless system is maintained by a professional technician, you are protecting one of your largest home investments. Not only will you keep your equipment warranties valid, you can save money in several ways such as preventing breakdowns or having to replace your unit sooner than expected. 

Ductless Systems Replacement/Installation

Every so often, repair or maintenance services can end up being more expensive than upgrading to one of today’s more efficient ductless systems. Our Comfort Consultants will help you make an informed decision on whether you should repair or replace your existing ductless unit. We make sure to balance various factors, including total cost, returns on the investment, and time necessary to complete the process. In Louisville, you can count on Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for all of your heating and cooling needs. Just give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

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