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Furnace Replacement and Installation for Homeowners in Greater Louisville

An old furnace, oversized furnace, or a heating system that’s too small can cause a variety of problems for Louisville area homeowners. In the case of an aging heating and air conditioning system, energy efficiency drops as wear and tear to HVAC equipment builds over the years, resulting in higher energy bills and temperature control problems like hot and cold spots across the house. If you have an HVAC unit that was never the right size for your space, you’ve probably been paying extra for excessive energy usage all along, while experiencing discomfort and scheduling frequent repairs with your furnace repair technician.

The best solution to stop these problems and save money is furnace replacement. Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling replaces problematic natural gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and electric furnaces with new high efficiency furnaces and other efficient furnace options. New furnace replacement provides your home with a new system you can count on to deliver efficient heating throughout the Louisville winter.

When you need a new furnace, our Comfort Consultants are here to help you explore the available choices for new gas furnaces and other new heating system models, such as an electric furnace, oil furnace, or even a heat pump. Find the best fit for your home amongst our wide selection of today’s gas furnaces and residential heating units, as we offer high efficiency solutions in a range of furnace prices.

Schedule an estimate with the Jarboe’s team of licensed HVAC contractors to learn how much does a new furnace replacement cost. We’ll provide you with a quote that covers furnace cost for your new HVAC system, as well as the labor costs and installation costs to get the new furnace up and running in your home. Don’t suffer through another winter without efficient heating – call Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today to request an estimate for furnace replacement and new furnace installation.

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Work with a Qualified HVAC Contractor for Furnace Replacement in Louisville

Anytime you take on a large home improvement project like furnace replacement, you’re making a significant initial investment, both in your time and finances. There’s a lot riding on the success of this furnace installation – your family’s comfort and your energy bills budget for the next decade or two. Make sure you get the best new furnace for your household that’s installed with great skill by working with a licensed HVAC professional like Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Since 1986, your Louisville area neighbors have turned to Jarboe’s when in need of reliable, skilled heating and air conditioning contractors for high-stakes home improvement projects like furnace replacement. It has always been our goal to set you up with the new natural gas furnace, oil furnace, electric furnace, or heat pump you want for years of better heating at home. Countless satisfied homeowners will tell you that our team has served as a great resource when it comes to comparing new furnace replacement HVAC equipment options. Our expert furnace installation team gets a new high efficiency furnace or other furnace types up and running quickly, so you can enjoy the level of energy efficient performance expected from the unit and begin saving money on energy costs from day one.

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is proud to serve Louisville as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. We’re confident that Carrier’s trusted name and vast product offering will offer the furnace system needed for reliable heating in your home. Our team is committed to helping homeowners understand their choices, and we are ready to guide you through comparing your top new furnace choices so you can make an informed purchase decision on all the important details – not just gas furnace prices and furnace costs.

Factory direct technical training ensures any new Carrier furnace or air conditioner you purchase from Jarboe’s will be installed following the exact specifications of the system. Quality furnace installation is critical to the long-term performance and energy efficiency of your new furnace system. Don’t risk excessively high energy costs and years of ongoing discomfort by choosing an HVAC professional who doesn’t understand the complexities of a new high efficiency furnace or heat pump – Jarboe’s guarantees your new furnace will meet your heating needs before we consider our work complete.

When Is the Right Time for Furnace Replacement?

As much as we wish there was, there’s no definitive answer homeowners can use to gauge when it’s time for a new furnace. Often, homeowners first find out that their old furnace is failing when they call heating and air conditioning contractors for furnace repairs. Depending on the problem, a furnace repair isn’t always an option mechanically, nor is it always the best choice based on average cost.

Planning ahead for new furnace replacement puts you in the best position to get the right heating system for your home. You’ll have time to compare high efficiency furnaces, gas furnaces, electric furnaces, oil furnaces, and heat pumps, as well as evaluate furnace prices for the equipment options you’re considering. Once you choose a new furnace, your HVAC contractors can install it quickly so you don’t experience a disruption in heating due to a sudden catastrophic furnace failure.

Below are some symptoms that can clue you in to the need for a new heating unit:

  • Furnace age is near, within, or over 15 to 20 years
  • Your gas furnace, electric furnace, or oil furnace grows louder as time goes on
  • You’ve been calling for furnace repair service more often over the last year or two
  • Energy bills keep rising without explanation, making energy savings impossible
  • The HVAC system cannot keep up with your home’s heating needs
  • It’s difficult to balance temperatures throughout the house
  • Your furnace cycles on and off quickly

Explore Various Furnace Types for Replacement

When a new furnace is needed, some homeowners mistakenly believe their only option is to replace the old unit with a new one of like style. An old gas furnace can only be replaced with gas furnaces, an electric furnace must be replaced with electric furnaces, or an oil furnace requires new oil furnaces only – this simply isn’t true. If you need furnace replacement, there is a seemingly endless selection of furnace types that can be considered in most home heating applications!

Carrier’s selection of HVAC system options for heating offers variety you can’t find anywhere else. As you shop for a new system, consider these possibilities:

  • Furnace efficiency is displayed using AFUE, annual fuel utilization efficiency. High efficiency models incorporate advanced features and technology so the high efficiency furnace uses less energy and you save money. Variable speed blowers offer precision operating speeds to match the home’s climate needs efficiently, unlike standard single-speed blower motor assemblies. Condensing furnaces use a second heat exchanger to make more efficient use of heating fuel so you get more warmth for your money.
  • You can access energy efficient furnaces without busting your furnace cost budget – high efficiency models aren’t the only option for efficient heat. Lower efficiency furnace options including natural gas furnace options as well as oil and electric furnaces still offer improved fuel efficiency over the underperforming unit that’s currently installed at home. The average cost for furnace replacement cost is more affordable than high efficiency furnace cost.
  • While you may be used to a natural gas furnace or other type of furnace equipment, don’t fail to consider a heat pump heating and cooling system. A heat pump can replace a furnace and cooling system, which means you don’t have to pay average prices on both a new heating unit and air conditioner.
  • Gain improved furnace efficiency and performance by installing certain HVAC products with your new furnace choice. Zoning equipment gives your system the power to control temperaturs in the home with zoned heating, which uses less energy to keep everyone satisfied with personalized comfort. Improve air quality with air filtration solutions like air cleaners that use a high efficiency air filter to remove particle pollution from your home’s air supply.

How Much Does a New Furnace Run? What’s the Average Cost?

Furnace replacement costs depend on the equipment you choose and what is needed to facilitate its efficient performance in the home. When you receive a quote for furnace replacement, this includes furnace costs to buy the new unit, labor costs for removal or work needed to your home, and installation costs to put the new gas furnace or other system into service. The total furnace replacement cost includes everything you need from start to finish when replacing a gas furnace, electric, or oil model.

It’s difficult to give an average cost for replacing a furnace, as there are many variables involved. Below, see how average cost of the furnace replacement cost can be affected by these choices:

  • Furnace cost to buy a new unit is affected by efficiency, capacity, fuel type, and features. Furnace cost for a high efficiency unit is typically higher than a furnace with lower efficiency. A larger capacity unit has higher furnace costs than a smaller unit. A gas furnace will often come at a higher furnace cost than a new oil or electric unit.
  • It’s recommended that a home’s furnace and air conditioner be replaced at the same time to maximize efficiency of each system. Adding a new air conditioner will increase installation costs and labor costs as another piece of equipment will be placed into service.
  • If your home needs work to support the new furnace, such as duct repairs, running natural gas lines, or other services, labor costs and installation costs increase the final furnace replacement costs for your project.

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