Best Dehumidifiers in Louisville

Best Dehumidifiers for Louisville Homeowners

We place a great deal of importance on finding the right temperature to create a comfortable and relaxing home atmosphere. Many people don’t realize it takes more than heating or cooling to maintain a cozy home – humidity levels also impact how comfortable you feel inside your house. The relative humidity inside a home fluctuate per day – when the level shifts outside of the balanced range, the home becomes uncomfortable and is vulnerable to moisture problems. Both high and low moisture have an effect on comfort, wellbeing, and the integrity of your home.

Louisville homeowners must make balanced relative humidity a priority in their homes.  There will always be some amount of moisture in the air, and some humidity is necessary to maintain comfort, achieve energy efficient HVAC system operation, and protect the home from damage. Between 35 and 50% is the ideal relative humidity range that is both comfortable and safe for most households.

During the summer months when Louisville is hit with natural high humidity levels, increased moisture in the outdoor atmosphere throws off balance inside the house. When a home’s relative humidity increases beyond the 50% mark, help is needed to remove moisture and bring humidity back down in the comfortable and safe range.

Whole home dehumidifiers are powerful indoor air quality solutions that make balancing humidity levels a breeze for heating and cooling systems! When buying a dehumidifier for your Louisville area home, Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling provides the best dehumidifier for your home size and household needs. With the power to remove many pints of water vapor from your air per day, you won’t suffer through summer inside a muggy house when you have a dehumidifier. Keep moisture under control in every space, rooms large or small, to experience a more comfortable atmosphere as well as energy savings on heating and cooling!

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Dehumidifiers for Louisville Homes

A dehumidifier is a specialized type of HVAC equipment that draws water vapor out of the air inside a home or building. Louisville area residents often use dehumidifiers through the summer months to combat naturally high humidity levels. Our summers are usually quite humid and outdoor conditions do cause changes inside the house. A dehumidifier helps the air conditioner extract moisture while the cooling system runs, or it is able to run independently for use as needed.

The dehumidifier is installed with your indoor heating and cooling equipment on the duct to address moisture levels of all indoor air. Buying a small Home Depot dehumidifier or dehumidifiers at Walmart will not get you the substantial dehumidification capability available in whole home dehumidifiers.

Air enters the return duct from a space inside the home and moves to the HVAC unit to be conditioned. When a dehumidifier is installed, air must move through the unit before reaching the furnace or air handler for heating or cooling. While passing through the dehumidifier, cooling causes water vapor to convert to liquid water.  When water changes states into a liquid instead of water vapor, it isn’t able to remain a part of the air. The water extracted by the dehumidifier drains back out of the unit through an attached drain line, so the system drains automatically – with a dehumidifier Walmart sells, the user must frequently empty the reservoir so the unit can operate and to avoid leaks as well as water damage.

A whole home dehumidifier’s energy efficiency is much greater than a small space dehumidifier is able to achieve. Whole house dehumidifiers are bigger units and do need more power for operation. Despite higher electrical consumption, the dehumidifier generates great energy savings because it has a much greater capacity for dehumidification – they effectively remove moisture in a shorter period of time than a room space unit, and doesn’t have to cycle as frequently to get the job done right. ENERGY STAR rated dehumidifiers increase your energy savings potential. These units have the power to extract multiple pints of water from a home’s air per day – this capacity just can’t be found from smaller dehumidifiers.

Does Your Louisville Home Need a Dehumidifier?

Humidity in the air can’t be seen but as any Louisville resident knows, it sure can be felt. That distinct muggy feeling points to a humidity problem when it persists inside the home. Dehumidifier installation and use provide the moisture control necessary to eliminate discomfort and protect the home.

You may notice these common signs of a humidity problem indoors:

  • Odors that are musty and mildewy
  • Rooms feel muggy
  • Allergy symptoms occur more often
  • Water stains on areas walls or ceilings
  • Moist spots on surfaces including ceilings, walls, and furniture
  • Wood floorboards start to creak
  • Wallpaper or paint peels
  • Condensation on windows
  • Able to see mold growth on walls and/or high humidity areas

How Dehumidifier Use Benefits Your Household

High indoor humidity contributes to uncomfortable living conditions that any Louisville resident would want to avoid. Too much moisture within a home’s air has unfortunate impacts on the wellbeing and comfort of your loved ones. Your home may also be victim to damage caused by uncontrolled humidity issues indoors.

If you are buying and installing a dehumidifier, your home will be equipped with ability to remove moisture as necessary and maintain balanced relative humidity. With use, you see the many benefits dehumidifiers offer. The best dehumidifier works to keep humidity levels balanced, which also achieves these important bonuses:

Mold Prevention

High humidity can turn your home into a breeding ground for mold, which loves damp, warm conditions. Mold exposure is potentially dangerous and harmful to your family’s health, especially individuals who have asthma or allergies. Your whole house dehumidifier manages moisture content of air throughout the entire home to keep humidity at the balanced point that prevents future mold growth.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

If better indoor air quality is a desire, a dehumidifier is a must-have. Humidity has a great impact on quality of air inside the house – high humidity which is not properly managed is a IAQ concern that should not be overlooked. Dust mites and allergens are more highly concentrated in humid air, increasing exposure and generating more allergy symptoms for some occupants.

Odor Elimination

Dehumidifiers help erase lingering odors inside your house. Musty odors mean a mold or mildew problem is likely. This scent won’t disappear completely until humidity levels are balanced and growth is eliminated. Cooking and cleaning chemical odors also hang around longer in humid homes, which can cause headaches and other types of discomfort. With efficient dehumidification, these odors become far less noticeable.

Better Comfort

When using a dehumidifier, indoor spaces feel more comfortable. When indoor humidity is high, the temperature feels warmer to you than it really is, because humidity in the air acts as an insulator which causes the body to retain heat. Keeping moisture levels under control causes spaces to feel cooler at higher temperatures. Numerous property owners use dehumidifiers to cut back on their air conditioning use and save energy. Most can’t tell the difference when temperate is set a few degrees higher while the dehumidifier is in use.

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