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Louisville area homes that use natural gas furnaces and other types of furnace models to heat living areas over the winter heating season are occasionally faced with a shockingly cold situation – the need for furnace repair! If the furnace equipment of your heating and air conditioning system isn’t producing enough heated air for your family, you hear strange noises during a heat cycle, or your energy bills are much higher than they used to be, your heating system energy efficiency may not be what it once was due to wear and tear or damage causing the need for HVAC repair service.

Many different issues can plague a natural gas furnace, heat pump, or boiler HVAC unit in the winter and at other times of the year. Whether it’s heating season or not, it’s best you take care of furnace repairs as soon as you notice the signs of a malfunctioning furnace. The NATE-certified HVAC repair specialists of Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling perform diagnostic furnace inspection to identify issues such as leaking air ducts, worn furnace blower motor bearings, cracked heat exchanger, damaged blower motor fan belt, faulty flame sensor for furnace burners, rollout burner flames, dirty burners, a clogged filter, pilot light or ignition faults, bad circuit board, stuck limit switch, incorrect thermostat temperature readings, and more. Once we find the issue affecting your heating and cooling system, we’ll give you a quote for furnace repair cost and get started on your furnace repair once you’re ready.

When it’s simply too cold to wait to schedule a furnace repair appointment during regular business hours, don’t worry – Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling performs emergency furnace repair services for homeowners located throughout Louisville. Just give us a call, as our team is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

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Most homeowners aim to build a good working relationship with a furnace repair professional so they have a trusted HVAC company to call upon whenever furnace help is needed. It’s also advantageous to find a furnace repair technician who also will repair an air conditioner unit or heat pump air conditioning cooling system so you have someone to call for cool air issues with your air conditioning equipment other times throughout the year. Don’t just call any old furnace repair contractor – you need a company you can trust to perform quality furnace repairs, treat you with respect and high-level customer service, and be there for you when you need them the most.

For 35 years now, Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has aimed to be just that for our neighbor homeowners across the Greater Louisville metro area. We know how the quality of the furnace repair professional impacts the level of workmanship and customer service you receive, which is why our team is comprised of technicians who old NATE certifications as well as the proper HVAC licenses. No matter the complexity of your furnace repair issue, you’ll always receive our very best work and care, and our team is always honest and upfront about furnace repair cost.

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Louisville Emergency Furnace Repair

At Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we take pride in our status as a member of the Greater Louisville community. We believe neighbors should help neighbors, which is why we are always available to help area homeowners in their times of need.

While not much is certain in life, you can be sure of one thing – a furnace breakdown or malfunction isn’t likely to happen at a time where it’s convenient to deal with. We understand – Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers emergency furnace repair for homeowners in our area. If your natural gas furnace fails to heat your home and it’s too chilly outdoors to safely wait it out in the home, turn to Jarboe’s for the quick dispatch and a qualified furnace repair professional will be at your doorstep in no time flat! You can reach us by phone or online for emergency furnace repair help in Louisville.

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Prevent Furnace Repair Problems with Furnace Maintenance

No one looks forward to service calls for furnace repair! If you want to avoid these inconvenient visits, not to mention furnace repair cost expenses, the best thing you can do for your heating system is to maintain it properly. Furnace maintenance should be performed by a professional once per year. Most homeowners prefer to do this during the fall months to ensure their furnaces are in tip top shape when it comes time to use them later in the year. When performed by a professional, furnace maintenance tune ups can eliminate the effects of the wear and tear your furnace sustains each heating season while giving the furnace the boost it needs to increase energy efficiency and service life.

Outside of professional furnace maintenance service, there’s one important step that you should make a priority – replacing the system’s furnace filter. Gas furnaces, heat pump units, and other forced air heating systems as well as air conditioning units use an air filter to remove airborne pollutants before they move into the furnace or air conditioner. Over time, these pollutants build up and you’ll have a clogged filter which will limit air flowing through the furnace and start causing damage if you run the furnace with the old furnace filter in it. Instead, replace the air filter on a regular schedule. In the winter, the furnace is in heavy use and air passes through the system more often – more frequent replacement is often needed during times like these.

Detecting the Signs You Need Furnace Repair

It’s easy to know when to pick up the phone and call for furnace repair if your furnace doesn’t power up or is unable to produce any heat. These furnace repair problems usually get dealt with right away because they’re such a hindrance on indoor comfort – and they’re super easy to spot. Instead, the furnace issues you need to be more concerned with are the ones that don’t give off clear warning signs.

A gas furnace or other type of heating system can develop minor problems which don’t immediately stop the HVAC unit from operating. As you continue to use the furnace, these issues mount, causing a drop in overall system energy efficiency along with damage to components of the furnace. These problems grow more severe with every passing heat cycle, resulting in the need for a more complicated furnace repair and the actual cost for the furnace repair cost will make homeowners spend more to repair their heating system at this point than if repairs were made early on.

Avoid damage and high cost of repairs when you know the furnace warning signs to watch for:

1. Strange Noises

Your furnace should only make the same sounds it makes on a regular basis – a quick click from the thermostat as the furnace turns on and off, another click when the burner flames are ignited by the pilot light or electronic ignition system, and the dull hum of the furnace blower motor circulating air during a heat cycle. Any new and unexpected sounds from your furnace or heating system should be considered troublesome.

Examples include:

  • A faulty flame sensor makes a continual clicking from the furnace when it attempts to start a heat cycle.
  • A bad control panel or circuit board can create repetitive clicks when the furnace tries to start a heat cycle.
  • Worn down furnace blower motor bearings generate a grinding noise during the heat cycle.
  • Dirty burners, a faulty ignitor, or a broken flame sensor causes natural gas to combust, producing a rumbly noise.
  • A loose or damaged fan belt in the furnace blower motor assembly produces a squeal-like sound.

2. Reduced Heat Cycles

When working correctly, your furnace should heat your home for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, and do so two to three times each hour. When the heat cycles only run for half this time or less, the furnace is short cycling, which can be due to one of these causes (repair or replacement will vary depending on the reason causing short cycling):

  • A clogged filter overheats parts inside the furnace like the heat exchanger due to restricted airflow, which is why they should be replaced regularly. The limit switch kills the heat cycle in furnaces for safety.
  • If the thermostat batteries are bad, it often won’t read the temperature correctly – this forces the thermostat to send bad instructions to the furnace.
  • The furnace blower motor receives electricity from the run capacitor to start up and operate. If the capacitor fails, the blower motor won’t run which causes the heat exchanger and other parts to overheat and sustain damage.
  • If the flame sensor is blocked by rust and corrosion, it may not be able to detect flames in each burner – thinking there is a problem with the system’s ignition due to the missed flame, the furnace will shut down for safety.
  • When a furnace is too large for the size of the home, it will rapidly heat the area and the heat cycle will end abruptly. Furnace replacement is the only way to stop this issue.

Short cycling impacts your utility bill negatively. The system uses more energy to run shorter cycles, so your heating bills actually increase.

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