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Programmable Thermostats and Smart Thermostat Installation in Louisville

Thermostats for the home include a wide variety of options, from straightforward manual models to advanced programmable thermostats and innovative smart thermostats and learning thermostat products. The right kind of thermostat for your family depends on compatibility with the Louisville heating and cooling system, the capabilities you need from your thermostat, and whether you want to achieve energy savings.

As the controller of heating systems and cooling systems, thermostats play a key role in keeping you comfortable. Depending on the temperatures you have set, the thermostat is in charge of when the home’s furnace, heat pump, or cooling system activates and shuts off,  instructing your HVAC systems when heating or cooling should be added to adjust the temperature within your property.  The way you change the temperature with the thermostat affects how much you pay for energy costs to operate your HVAC system. A thermostat impacts the service life of home heating and cooling units. With command of system operation, a thermostat programmed to generate energy savings delivers increased control over system use, which greatly prevents the wear and tear damage known for causing malfunctions and total system failure. Having a thermostat preset to run heating and cooling systems heavily causes system elements to wear down much faster.

Today’s thermostats, including simple models, are made with innovative technology to deliver accurate temperature control and more reliable home comfort. New thermostats allow Louisville homeowners to spend less and lower heating and cooling bills by approximately 20% each year. Purchasing a programmable thermostat, smart thermostat, or learning thermostat provides enhanced comfort you can enjoy now and helps save money over the years.

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Thermostat Options for Louisville Homeowners

There are three kinds of thermostats to choose from when upgrading an older thermostat:

  • Manual Thermostats
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Smart Thermostats

When to Buy a New a Thermostat

Home thermostats need to be replaced periodically. As they age, precision declines, damage occurs, and old technology becomes obsolete in the face of today’s innovations. If any of the following situations applies, it’s time to replace your thermostat.

  • Old thermostats aren’t as accurate at detecting temperatures. They often shut down heating and cooling before the living areas receive adequate conditioned air. Inaccurate temperature readings force the HVAC system to waste energy.

  • Thermostats must be mounted in proper locations, or they are not accurate and can sustain damage. If your thermostat is placed in the path of direct sunlight or near a window or door with a draft, it must be moved by an HVAC technician, or changed out to a new model.

  • In the event the thermostat is damaged, it should always be upgraded. Thermostats are susceptible to extreme temperatures, smoke exposure, high humidity, and various harsh environments, so change the thermostat if there was a fire, flooding, or moisture problems in the home. Bug problems could even harm thermostats, particularly the electrical wiring concealed by the drywall.

  • When you purchase and install an upgraded heating and cooling unit, it is undoubtedly time for a new thermostat. Upgrading the thermostat when you replace the heating and cooling system guarantees the the new HVAC system has matched controls for efficient operation. New HVAC systems often need a thermostat that offers functions not present on your current model. Check with your technician for guidance as you pick a new thermostat appropriate for the needs of your new heating and cooling systems.

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