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Louisville Rooter Service

Plumbers use the term rooter service to describe any plumbing repair that is made to clear a sewer line or clogged drain.  This often includes drain cleaning methods like snaking a drain while running water or the manual removal of clogs by accessing portions of pipe.

Historically, rooting got its name from tree roots clogging up sewer line pipes.  Today, we still call it rooter service, but it is used to treat more than just tree root penetrations.  The rooter service term encompasses all a plumber’s efforts for drain cleaning.

If you need rooter service, call the nearest plumber to me – Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.  Our licensed plumbers meet all plumbing needs of Louisville homeowners, including rooter service, drain cleaning, plumbing repair, and any other plumbing service required to restore proper drainage in the home.  We are on call to perform emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clogs Treated by Rooter Services

Drain cleaning rooter service solves a common problem that plagues almost every Louisville household at one time or another: clogged drains.  Clogs affect plumbing fixtures in different ways, depending on where they are situated in the drain or plumbing line.

  • When a single plumbing fixture or appliance is affected by slow drainage, we know the clog is typically sitting within that fixture’s dedicated drain pipe. We likely face a clog composed of organic materials, like hair and soap scum in bathroom fixtures or food scraps in kitchen drains.  Rooter equipment is used to snake out the drain and the clog is flushed out with water once broken up.

  • It is sometimes hard for homeowners to tell the difference between clogs in the main drain line and the sewer line. Slow drainage affecting all plumbing fixtures and minor water backups can occur with both issues, though when a sewer line issue is in play, there is a risk for sewage backup as well.

  • Clogged drains in sewers are the most severe sort of clog. They produce the most concerning symptoms, like wastewater and sewage backup into home plumbing fixtures.  This backup can cause damage and risk exposure to sewer gas in raw sewage.  These deep clogs can be formed by foreign objects and improper items flushed down toilets or tree root penetrations.  You need the nearest plumbers to me to perform rooter service quickly to avoid continued problems.

Warning Signs You Need Rooter Service

How can you tell when it’s time for rooter service?  Watch for these warning signs that indicate clogged drains lurk somewhere in your plumbing system:

  • Fixtures Make Gurgling or Bubbling Noises
  • Water Backs Up Into Nearby Fixtures When Another Fixture Is Used
  • Significant Wastewater Backups in Fixtures
  • Slow Drainage
  • Drainage That Has Been Completely Cut Off
  • Multiple Drains Backed Up in the Home

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Professional Rooter and Plumbing Services

Search plumbers nearby me to find a professional who is qualified to perform rooter service in your home. Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing visits your home to assess the extent of your clogged drains and identify other plumbing needs. To do so we may use the following methods:

  • A Visual Inspection of Plumbing Fixtures Throughout the Home
  • Performing a Test by Turning Up on Plumbing Fixtures to Recreate the Issue
  • Performing a Camera Inspection Down in Your Sewer Line to Find Clogs and Damage

After the issue has been identified, your plumber informs you of the plumbing service needed to treat the clog or an additional discovered plumbing issue.  When damage to sewer pipes is found, plumbing repair is necessary in addition to rooter service. Your plumber may have to remove pipe sections to access clogs in certain areas or make trenchless repairs to underground sewer pipes.

Camera Inspection and Rooter Service

Camera inspection is one of the most important tools we use when performing rooter service or any other plumbing services that address issues in buried sewer lines. Louisville homeowners don’t want to be surprised when informed of additional damage after they believe service has been completed! Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing takes great care to explain all discovered issues before we get to work, not only to keep you informed but to ensure you receive the right services to address your plumbing needs.

Our video camera technology uncovers the hidden problems buried below your property in the sewer line. Without this high-tech tool, diagnosing sewer line problems would involve extensive digging to access the line and pinpoint the location of damage. The clear images produced allow us to easily identify what materials make up a clog as well as observe any damage formed by the clog. With a clear look throughout your home’s plumbing lines, problems that haven’t even been detected can be uncovered and treated before they cause you trouble.

Maintain Drains and Avoid the Need for Rooter Service

Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing greatly appreciates our Louisville homeowners who contact us as soon as they need drain cleaning or rooter service.  However, we know saving money is always a good thing. Our plumbers share maintenance tips to help you keep drains clear and limit your need for professional rooter service. These tips not only help you eliminate clogs but will keep your piping in good shape, and free of damage and leaks.

Follow these tips to keep your pipes clear of clogs:

  • Know that grease and oil never go down the kitchen drain or garbage disposal. Always toss these out into the trashcan.
  • Not all kitchen waste can be safely disposed of in a garbage disposal. Items like bones, coffee, starchy vegetables, skins, coffee grounds, and more contribute to clogs in the disposal and on through the drain.
  • Drain stoppers should be cleaned on a weekly basis to remove soap scum, hair, and other matter that has collected.
  • Use a strainer to cover the kitchen sink drain and capture food before it slips into the drain.
  • A strainer cover on the bathtub or shower drain will prevent hair from sliding down the drain pipe.
  • Give pet baths outdoors as much as possible, as pets can shed a large amount of hair when bathed. When it’s cold and you have to wash your doggies inside, use a strainer cover to capture pet hair and keep it out of the drain.
  • Keep everything other than human waste and toilet paper out of your toilet. Common items like feminine hygiene products, paper towels, baby wipes, and even flushable products should be thrown away in the trashcan.
  • Teach your children to keep toys and other items out of the toilet bowl and definitely never pull the flush handle when a foreign item is in the bowl.
  • Install a lint catcher on the washing machine drain to capture fabric and lint particles.
  • Make sure the plumbing vent stack on the roof is always free of clogs and obstructions.

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