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Water Softener Installation and Repair for the Louisville Area

The Louisville area is amongst the 85 percent of our country with hard water. High mineral content gives us untreated well water and municipal water that just doesn’t work right in our homes. Fortunately, this problem is easily remedied with a water softener installed.

A new water softener system is guaranteed to make a grand new addition to any Louisville area home. One use of soft water will have you falling in love and wondering how you’ve gone without one in an area where the water is super hard! After you try the softened water from home water softeners, you’ll never go without one again.

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The Problem with Hard Water

The more dissolved calcium and magnesium present in a water supply, the harder that water is. Believe it or not, you can actually feel the different between hard water and soft water, which is because the mineral content or lack thereof produces different reactions to soap. Hard water makes more soap scum as it mixes with calcium, causing you to use more detergent or soap to complete any cleaning task. It’s truly hard to wash with!

That’s not all – hard water creates undesirable feelings in your home, including:

  • Dishes always look spotty and filmy even when clean.
  • Clothing becomes dingy because soap doesn’t lather as much.
  • Minerals affect material quality of clothing, requiring more frequent replacement.
  • Clothing feels stiff when touched.
  • Tea, coffee, and other drinks made from the water have a different taste.
  • Minerals can clog plumbing pipes in the home.
  • More scale and film on fixtures in bathrooms.
  • Skin feels dry.
  • Hair looks limp and not vibrant as it holds too much shampoo residue.
  • Water heater lifespan diminished through mineral deposits.
  • Water heater efficiency drops as minerals fill the tank and prevent heat transfer efficacy.

What to Do If You Suspect Hard Water

If the symptoms above resonate with you and you wish to improve your home experience, contact Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today to schedule a water quality analysis – it’s only $17! A Jarboe’s expert will perform an in-depth analysis and deliver information about hard water and other issues present in your water supply – schedule your water analysis today!

With a water quality analysis, we are able to determine the exact mineral content of your water source and pair you with solutions that treat those specific issues. Mineral content can fluctuate from one area of the city to another, so don’t assume another person’s water test is an accurate reflection of yours. With this information, we can find which water softener is best for tackling your home’s mineral issues.

Water Softener Experts in Louisville

Water softening systems are especially popular in the Louisville area due to our natural hard water. All area homeowners need to consider adding softener systems to protect plumbing and more around the house.

How much does a water softener cost to install?

If you wish to install a water softener to treat your entire home’s water supply, the cost of installation runs a few thousand dollars in most cases. For such a hardworking system, water softeners offer a great expected service life of 10 to 20 years.

Soft Water Benefits Produced by a New Water Softener

Don’t wait to improve the water quality of your Louisville home. Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling explains how soft water makes home life more enjoyable!

  • Fewer plumbing repairs. Without mineral buildup, pipes stay clean of growing blockages that lead to total clogs.
  • More life from your clothes. Without minerals sticking in fabric and stiffening it, fabric stays nicer longer. Plus, you’ll need less soap to do your laundry!
  • Nicer skin and hair with more efficient washing through water softening.
  • Longer life from water-consuming appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers, humidifiers, water heaters, and more. Mineral buildup is kept out and appliance function is preserved.
  • Better tasting water. By extracting hard minerals, softening of water can eliminate odors and bad tastes. You’ll drink more water from your own tap and save money on bottled water.
  • Improve efficiency of water-consuming appliances. The addition of a water softener can lower your utility costs from day one.
  • Banish water spots that stick around in hot water. Softer water helps your dishes stay spotless.
  • Less cleaning. With better soap lathering, washing with softer water is more efficient, thus household chores require less time to perform.
  • Improved water heater performance, as sediment deposits are kept out of the tank and the heat exchanger can freely operate.
  • Cut skin irritations such as eczema and gain clearer looking skin.
  • Make your money back fast through the energy savings a new water softener generates in just a few short years!

Scheduled Water Softener Inspections

Water softeners run year-round and have an important task to perform. In order to assure proper performance of the softener system, you need to have preventive maintenance performed by your plumber.

A plumber should inspect your water softener once per year. At Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, our water softener inspections follow this process:

  • Test water quality before and after a cycle
  • Valve, motor, and bypass functionality inspection
  • Verify time, regeneration, and cycle settings
  • Measure salt dosage setting
  • Inspect backwash performance
  • Inspect rinse performance
  • Inspect water flow and flow rate
  • Inspect brine tank draw performance
  • Inspect brine tank refill performance
  • Look for salt levels and salt bridges
  • Test functionality of safety float
  • Determine quality of ion exchange resin beads

Along with professional inspections, homeowners need to enact some maintenance to care for these systems as well. Keep the following in mind as you do:

  • Run an iron cleaner through the water softener annually
  • Never fill the salt bin over two-thirds full
  • Allow salt to become almost totally depleted before refilling the tank
  • Choose pure salt with iron remover for best results – never put rock salt in your home’s water softener

Do I Need Water Softener Repair?

Detecting issues with your water softener’s performance can be tricky, largely because the unit is out of mind and it’s not something homeowners check every day. Watch for signs that your water softener is no longer working the way it should, then give us a call for quick and reliable service. Below are symptoms that share water softener systems have stopped working.

  • Hard water spots show up on sink and/or shower fixtures
  • Water tastes quite salty
  • Clothing feels stiff after it is washed
  • Water pressure drops
  • Water quality declines
  • Mineral buildup seen on pipes and on faucets

If you suspect your water softening system isn’t properly operating, call Jarboe’s so our expert plumbers can assess your system.

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