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Louisville UV Air Purifier Installation Service

Many people assume pollution is not a pressing concern that exists beyond the outdoors – unfortunately, polluted indoor air is a household issue, and contaminant concentrations are probably higher than you anticipate. The indoor atmosphere of a typical Louisville home contains two to five times more air pollution than the outside air.

Numerous aspects worsen the indoor air pollution. Today’s home efficiency trends concentrate on energy conservation, and air sealing is used to help the home retain heating energy – an unfortunate side effect is the elimination of natural ventilation that ordinarily permits contaminants freely flow to the outdoors. Family pets shed pet dander and fur whilst bringing new contaminants in on their fur and paws after spending time outdoors. Products used to build our homes and take care of them emit harmful volatile natural chemicals inside the residence.

Many living in Louisville spend a substantial percentage of their time indoors, so they are subjected to poor air quality many hours of the day. Long-term exposure to air laden with pollution causes negative effects to one’s health and comfort. Homeowners should become familiar with indoor air quality issues and act often to enhance environmental conditions inside the home, for the benefit of everyone in the household. Air purification using a UV air purifier is a solution to address pollution inside a residence and the quality of air.

UV air purifiers are air quality systems designed for use within HVAC systems. This category of air purifier relies on ultraviolet UV C light as a method of neutralizing pathogens in the air supply, namely viruses, bacteria, mold, and others. Ultraviolet C light is effective for air purification in the enclosed duct system or HVAC equipment, which limits the risk of accidental UV C exposure. Using a UV air purifier in your house prevents pollutants from spreading and causing harm to your health.

Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing installs ultraviolet air purifiers in the ducts and air handlers of homes throughout the Louisville metro area. We investigate the air quality problems experienced inside your home to recommend effective approaches that decrease air pollution and ultimately deliver clean air.

Learn more about the use of UV light and how purifier installation can benefit your household. Our team actively works to determine appropriate solutions to improve air quality over the total sq ft of your house.

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How a UV Air Purifier Works

Concerning air purification methods, Louisville homeowners are most familiar with filtration systems. Air circulates through a filter designed to pull particles in and keep contaminants from reentering the air. Media air cleaners use this method of filtration for contaminant control. There are a few different kinds of filters used by these air purifiers, varying by model and type–HEPA filters and filters with a rating of MERV 10 or higher are common.

Filtration takes contaminants out of the air supply via the filter media, which stops the particles from circulating back inside the home’s many living areas. The trapped particles remain in the filter until eventually there’s no more room – the filter is removed and thrown away, along with all the pollutants it holds.

Air purification using a UV air purifier relies on a different sort of process. A UV lamp emits ultraviolet C light to cleanse the air passing through the HVAC system – it targets pathogens that can spread and grow throughout the home via the air supply. Ultraviolet light energy exposure damages the DNA cells of viruses, bacteria, mold, and other particulates floating in your home’s air. Damage inflicted by the UV C energy disrupts the pathogen to the extent it can no longer reproduce or harm individuals on contact. This matter is no longer able to spread disease or trigger allergies, so your family is more likely to stay healthy.

UV C light wavelength is smaller than UV A and UV B. The UV C light does enter the Earth’s atmosphere, so people are naturally protected from the Sun’s UV C light. Research has found that ultraviolet C light possesses enough energy to destroy airborne virus particles such as the flu, while causing no harm to humans.

Placing a UV lamp inside HVAC ductwork is an effective method for the control of biological pollutants in the air supply. Ultraviolet energy works by disinfecting air of these pollutants. Lots of UV air purifier systems available today can disinfect areas at risk of moisture issues by directing the bulb to emit UV C light onto the area. These purifiers usually do not have a pre-filter or filter.

Benefits of UV Air Purifiers

UV lamp purifiers help households in several ways. Top benefits homeowners appreciate from UV air purification include:

  • A purifier that makes use of UV C light can help family members maintain food health during the winter flu period. The ultraviolet light destroys virus particles that enter a home’s air due to sneezes, coughs, and other avenues, which stops them from spreading amongst family members.

  • UV C light controls contaminants and alleviates sensitivity to various allergens. The allergen is destroyed via UV light exposure and there is longer a possibility of triggering allergy symptoms upon contact.

  • Ultraviolet lamp air purifiers provide air purification while consuming a very small amount of electricity, compared to air purifiers with filters and other air cleaning units. Air filtration requires the HVAC blower to circulate air through filters, and many units have dedicated fans that require electricity to operate. An ultraviolet purifier needs so little electricity to run year-round, you probably won’t even notice an increase on your utility bills.

  • A UV air purifier requires virtually no maintenance. Bulbs need to be swapped out about every year to every three years, depending on the bulbs used.

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Is It Safe to Use UV Air Purifiers?

Ultraviolet light purifiers have been found to be safe when used inside the home’s HVAC system equipment and ducts. This air purifier is designed and configured to minimize the possibility of exposure to UV C light, though minor exposure is unlikely to cause you harm. When installed, their orientation is directed upwards to minimize the possibility of anyone below being exposed to the light.

UV air purifier devices for HVAC use do not emit increased ozone levels. Some homeowners worry about ozone exposure when using air purifiers, as some electronic cleaners do pose this danger –an air cleanser with ionizer, in particular. An ionizing air purifier may emit ozone through its electric discharge procedure. Ozone is harmful to the environment and humans when exposure occurs.

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