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Water Leak Repair Services in Louisville and the Surrounding Areae

The plumbing systems that run behind walls, under floors, and above our heads are responsible for efficiently delivering clean water for any and all household needs. When water leaks occur, moisture has access to a new path out of the plumbing lines and into areas of the home where it shouldn’t be.

Unnoticed leaks become a serious drain upon Louisville homeowners in multiple ways. It doesn’t matter if water made it out your taps and you used it or it spilled into a hidden area of your home through a cracked pipe – you have to pay for it either way. When hidden leaks persist for months and even years, homeowners find themselves paying bigtime to correct the devastating water damage produced by the leak.

Even seemingly invisible water leaks leave traces you can identify. Protect your Louisville home with water leak detection and leak repair services provided by Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Our skilled plumbers put their knowledge to work protecting your home, finding unseen leaks and performing repair services before water damage wreaks your home. Call us today and request a plumber’s help to find and fix water leaks around the house.

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Avoid These Issues with Fast Leak Repair

When left unfixed, even minor water leaks pose a great potential for damage in different areas of the home. With the quick services you receive when you call Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for leak repairs, problem sources are identified and remedied right away so you can avoid costly damage including:

  • Damaged flooring. Water that escapes through a leak is naturally pulled toward the floor of the home due to gravity. As it settles under flooring boards, tiles, slabs and other floor coverings, the moisture fosters mold and mildew development. Slab leaks and cracked foundations are potential problems as well when moisture gathers under flooring.
  • Damaged walls. When leaks occur affecting pipes installed behind a wall, water can soak through drywall and into framing. These building materials can weaken and crumble.
  • Mildew. Moist environments created by uncontrolled water leaks deliver the perfect atmosphere for mold and mildew growth. Spreading through your home, mold and mildew cause structural damage, odors, and health issues amongst a home’s occupants.
  • Water waste. Every drop of water that exits the plumbing system through a leak is water wasted. Water waste of any kind is bad for our environment for multiple reasons.

Don’t leave water leaks waiting for correction or else you risk serious and expensive damage throughout various areas of your Louisville home. Call Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling and have one of our plumbers visit your home to handle water leak emergencies, from problem identification to the fix needed to stop water waste and stifle water damage.

Water Leak Signs That Are Not as Obvious

Some leaks are far easier to identify than others, and there are those that occur in closed off areas we do not access on a regular basis. Underground slab leaks and leaks that exist within enclosed wall or floor cavities are typically the types that pose the strongest risk of damage to a home – these are the leaks that go without attention for the longest amount of time, simply because they’re quite difficult for most Louisville homeowners to spot.

Even when the active leak hides from the human eye, certain signs develop that can clue a homeowner in to the presence of a leak, if one knows how to identify these subtle signs. Watch for these signs that hint towards a hidden leak in your Louisville home:

  • If your water bill has gone up without explanation, the cause may be hidden water waste due to a leak.
  • If your home’s water meter does not stop moving yet no water is in use in the home, something somewhere is likely wasting water – it could be a leak in an unseen spot.
  • If you have mold and mildew growth hotspots in your home that you just can’t seem to get rid of, even with extensive cleaning, you could have a hidden water leak that is constantly supplying your home with the moist atmosphere needed for their survival and spread.
  • Foundation cracks are always an unwelcome surprise – there is no good reason they should pop up suddenly. When new cracks form seemingly overnight, this is a strong indicator of a slab leak.
  • Leaking pipes can produce clues on the other side of a wall, ceiling, or floorboard as spilt water collects. Spots that are wet to the touch or appear like a large watermark may be the X you needed to find in order to identify a hidden leak’s location.

Ranging Severities of Water Leaks and What to Do

Homeowners are often urged to action by the level of severity a plumbing problem poses. Issues that don’t appear important are often left to fester, but doing so is likely to come with consequences. Below, we run through the three leak categories and why you don’t want to let your lower-level leak develop further.

1. No damage, but the fix is expensive.

So you lucked out and your leak didn’t result in water damage, a fortunate situation. However, this mild problem does require a costly fix – why not put it off since it didn’t seem to cause any harm in the first place?

Take action: Spend time working through a trial and error process to find the leak source, eliminating water sources until the problematic one is found. If you are unable to make repairs yourself, schedule service with a plumber.

2. Minor damage has been done, but it could get worse.

If the damage doesn’t seem significant, it’s easy for a homeowner to pass over the problem and ignore it. However, ignoring the leak gives it the opportunity to grow into one that you will notice in the future – for all the wrong reasons. Don’t let plumbing problems grow from manageable to out of hand.

Take action: Clean up standing water and puddles left by the leak. Shut off the leak’s water supply so repairs can be made. If you need the help of a professional to do so, schedule leak repair service.

3. Serious damage is apparent

When a water leak results in serious damage, the outcome is easy to recognize – from standing ankle-deep water in your home to waterfalls flowing through second story sealings, it’s not hard to tell your home faces serious water damage when this level of leak is present.

Take action: Close the main shutoff valve that supplies your home with water. Call your insurance company to report the situation, and contact your plumber for professional leak repair service as well as help identifying the underlying cause of the devastation.

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