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Protect your home’s critical heating system equipment with professional preventive maintenance service each year. An investment in annual HVAC servicing helps heating and cooling units operate reliably and efficiently through many seasons of heavy usage. Heating service ensures correct performance and accurate system energy efficiency, prevents the risk of breakdowns and the need for heating repair, keeps energy costs down, and can add years to the service life of your HVAC system.

For dedicated furnace maintenance and heating maintenance for heat pump and boiler heating units in the Louisville area, turn to Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Our NATE-certified heating services technicians perform maintenance tune ups for all heating equipment models made by all major brands.

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Heating System Service Options for Louisville Homeowners

Louisville winters can get awfully chilly, making a reliable heating unit all the more important to your household. To keep a home’s heating system running at its best, we highly recommend annual maintenance for any system. Without yearly maintenance service, you risk system breakdowns that could leave your family without heat, higher energy bills, and reduced comfort control and air quality indoors.

With professional furnace maintenance services, heating systems are fully inspected and their care needs met to ensure strong performance over the season ahead. When you invest in annual service, you benefit from the following:

  • Verified performance so you are able to trust your heating system going into winter.
  • Improved energy efficiency to help keep your heating costs manageable this year.
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns requiring repair, resulting in added expenses.
  • Preserved manufacturer warranty coverage as terms are met with maintenance service.
  • More seasons of service from your heating system with regular tune ups.

Stop Heating Problems Before They Pop Up!

The goal of servicing HVAC systems, including heating and air conditioning equipment, is to stop system problems before they start. Think of it like this – when you have an HVAC technician service furnace or heat pump equipment, it’s just like having your mechanic perform a tune up or oil change for your vehicle. The service helps remedy the wear and tear components accrue through regular use while it provides the opportunity for a trained eye to uncover potential issues and remedy them before they grow into something that causes a breakdown or complete mechanical failure.

Louisville residents heavily rely on their heating and air conditioning equipment, so give these systems the care they need to serve you well through regular maintenance! Don’t let your investment in a quality heating system go to waste by failing to meet its maintenance requirements – a small investment in maintenance each year helps homeowners upkeep these mechanical systems and preserve their functionality, so they are able to deliver better performance for longer service periods.

How Often Do Louisville Heating Systems Need Maintenance?

HVAC industry professionals agree – across the board, we highly recommend maintenance annually for heating and cooling systems. This means one tune up for heating systems and one for air conditioning systems each year – for a heat pump system, the heat pump receives two tune ups as it delivers both heating and air conditioning for a home.

Professional tune ups keep furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps operating at peak levels to benefit families throughout the Louisville area. This service counteracts the wear and tear damage systems sustain over each season, helping preserve functionality and energy efficiency levels for more affordable and long-lasting system operation, as well as better air quality!

In addition to professional service, homeowners need to perform some maintenance tasks throughout the year to help keep heating and air conditioning systems functioning at their best:

  • An HVAC system’s air filter requires regular replacement – check the manufacturer’s recommendation to see how frequently a change is necessary for your air filter. By replacing this component, sensitive parts inside the furnace, air handler, or heat pump are protected from debris that could be damaging, as a new filter keeps these airborne particles out. The filter also helps improve air quality in the home by reducing contaminants in the air supply!
  • HVAC systems need adequate airflow for efficient operation. Open all vents and registers in the living areas of the home and make sure nothing blocks them. Remove items stored around indoor furnace or air handling units. Outdoors, the heat pump should be kept clear of debris, vegetation, and items such as patio furniture, yard tools, and other outdoor items.

When Is the Right Time for Heating Service?

Anytime is a good time for a heating tune up as long as it’s done once per year, but the best time is late summer or early fall. When you schedule professional maintenance service during these times, you benefit because:

  • Maintenance care is performed before it’s time to start the heating system for the year. This means it’s in top shape and will run at peak performance and efficiency levels from the start.
  • Any flaws in the system have been caught by your maintenance technician during the tune up and there has been time to repair them before you need to use your heating equipment – rest assured you won’t be surprised by a malfunction when you go to turn on the furnace or heat pump for the first time.

Why Maintenance Is an Annual Requirement for Heating Systems

Annual furnace maintenance and service for heating systems results in valuable benefits for Louisville homeowners, including:

Fewer Repairs

An annual tune up prevents up to 70% of repair needs. Without maintenance, more frequent and more extensive breakdowns are likely to occur, which results in unexpected costs for Louisville homeowners.

Reliable Warmth Throughout Heating Season

With annual maintenance, Louisville homeowners can rest assured their heating systems are operating at maximum performance and energy efficiency levels. Their system has received critical care to help it perform reliably for the entirety of fall, winter, and spring.

Lower Energy Costs

By boosting system performance and energy efficiency, maintenance helps the heating unit consume less energy while adequately heating the home. The result is lower heating costs without less heat!

Preserved Warranty Coverage

HVAC manufacturers require annual maintenance for their heating and air conditioning units. Skipping a tune up could void warranty coverage and leave you on the hook for expensive repairs. When maintenance service is performed by a licensed heating pro each year, you uphold your terms for this valuable coverage.

More Years of Service

Homeowners who maintain their heating equipment each year maximize equipment service life, adding as many as 10 years to the life of their units! More years of efficient operation from your heating system means you won’t waste money replacing the HVAC unit at closer intervals.

True Comfort Membership

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling helps Louisville homeowners meet HVAC system maintenance needs with ease and gain benefits when additional HVAC services are needed. Our True Comfort Membership plan sets you up with annual heating and cooling tune ups plus more!

For just $209 per year, you receive:

  • Yearly heating and cooling maintenance tune ups
  • 24/7 emergency service access with no charges for overtime
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty
  • 15% discount on HVAC repairs
  • 15% discount on new indoor air quality equipment
  • 5% discount on new HVAC equipment (+accruals)
  • Free diagnostics with repair
  • $20 off diagnostics without repair

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