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What Are the Most Common Types of Furnace Repairs?

In Louisville, Kentucky, homeowners want to know what the most common furnace repairs are. From small problems to big ones, furnace repairs cause homeowners unnecessary stress. Why worry about your furnace when you could be enjoying time with your family? That’s where Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling comes in.

Jarboe’s has all the information you need for common furnace repairs. Some of these fixes are able to be DIYed at home, but others require professional help to keep things safe. However, no matter the problem, Jarboe’s is here to help you set your furnace straight. All it takes is a little knowledge about common problems and their solutions!

Common Furnace Problems

Along with common furnace repairs, there are some causes that are more common than others. These are all furnace problems that happen often enough to warrant a spot in this list. Of course, the causes range in severity, but they all impact the overall quality of your furnace.

  • Thermostat. A number of common furnace problems arise from an uncalibrated thermostat. Adjustments made during the summer don’t translate to the winter. If the thermostat doesn’t calibrate—automatically or manually—then the temperatures in your home won’t switch over to the winter setting. That leaves you shivering all because of the thermostat!

  • Tripped breaker. If the circuit breaker stops or if certain switches are flipped when they shouldn’t be, then the furnace encounters problems. Tripped breakers cause a variety of problems in the home, but during the cold, you don’t want it to interfere with the temperature. Even if one switch flipped unexpectedly, the furnace might not work. 

  • Clogged air filter. One of the most common furnace repairs lies with something super simple—filters. Furnaces use filters to clean the air they blow into your home. Over time, they collect large amounts of dirt, dust, and other particles that debilitates the filter’s ability to clean the air. This causes poor air quality and can keep the furnace from blowing as much warm air as it can with a clean filter. 

  • Belt and blower. The belt and burner are two parts of the furnace that need to function at their highest capacity to ensure the furnace works its best. Broken belts or blowers emit a high-pitched sound, so if your furnace makes that noise, the belt or blower likely needs fixed. 

  • Ignition. Other common furnace repairs don’t require professional assistance, but the ignition needs a pro to properly diagnose the problem. An electric ignition or a pilot both can have debris that keeps it them from working like they should. If the ignition doesn’t work, then the whole furnace stops regular functions. 

  • Burner. Burners heat the air that blows through your home. If the burner is dirty or needs adjusting, then that air remains unheated. Burner problems range in severity, which means that some adjustments must be made by professionals. 

Common Furnace Repairs: What You Can Do

The problems outlined above, luckily have common furnace repairs that can be done by the homeowner. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the time to contact a qualified technician. That’s why these fixes are tailored to DIYers. Of course, when things start to get complex call a technician so you know the problem can be properly solved. 

  • Make sure gas is on. From time to time, the gas gets turned off on accident. When the gas turns off, the furnace stops regular functions. Make sure the gas is turned on. If it somehow switched off, just flip the switch back to the on position. However, if you suspect another issue with the gas—such as a leak—consult a professional as it can be a more serious problem.

  • Reset the breaker. One of the most common furnace repairs has to be a quick breaker reset. If the furnace stops working altogether, try to reset the breaker before you call a professional. Sometimes the breaker malfunctions and needs a hard reset to perform normally again. Most circuit breakers are located in basements, garages, or backyards, so be sure to take a look.

  • Check the thermostat. More often than not, a quick adjustment to the thermostat fixes your furnace problem. Some thermostats have sensors that read the temperature of a room, which lets it know how to heat the space. When the sensor gets dirty or if rests in direct sunlight, then the reading produces the incorrect temperature. Make sure to dust off the thermostat and use a cover if it experiences direct sunlight.

  • Change the filter. The next on the list of these common furnace repairs relates to filters. It’s easy to forget to change the air filters in the furnace. However, filters must be changed at least once a month to ensure they stay clean. A dirty filter circulates polluted air, which impacts the indoor air quality of your home, so switch out filters often.

  • Oil the furnace. The furnace needs to be oiled to work properly. Well-oiled parts keep the mechanics from sticking, which means that the system itself runs as intended. Apply two to three drops of machine oil after cleaning the oil caps, and you should be good to go! Make sure not to over-lubricate the system as that causes other kinds of issues. 

  • Clean around the furnace. One of the common furnace repairs you might not expect relates to cleaning. The area around your furnace is just as important as the furnace itself. Because of that, make sure to clear any obstructions in the furnace’s way. To ensure the furnace functions at its best, clean around the system.

  • Clean the furnace itself. Another one of the most common furnace repairs revolves around the system itself. Everything works better after a quick clean. A dirty furnace is no different. When a furnace gets dirty, all you have to do is vacuum the burner and blower cavities, then wipe down the whole system, including the flame sensor. Just make sure you turn off the system before you start!

  • Check burner flames. Burner flame problems should be addressed by a professional, but homeowners can check to see if anything seems amiss. Make sure that the flame presents even and blue. If the flame looks yellow, call a professional immediately because that means you likely have a gas leak.

  • Check the ignition. Again, this job only relates to checking. As a homeowner, you should not attempt to fix ignition issues on your own. However, check to make sure that the ignition has no debris. If something seems off, it’s time to call a professional.

Common Furnace Repairs: When to Call a Pro

Some issues are too serious for homeowners to handle on their own. In those cases, you need an experienced technician to help with common furnace repairs. When done incorrectly, these repairs can be detrimental to your safety or to your home’s. To ensure everything and everyone stays safe, enlist the help of a pro.

  • Ignition repairs. Firstly, let professional technicians handle all ignition repairs. These common furnace repairs seem self-explanatory but can cause major problems if done wrong. Call a professional if the ignition makes a clicking noise and does not provide heat. Both of these situations require the expertise of a pro.

  • Noises. When noise comes from the furnace, the most common furnace repairs usually relate to the belt or the blower. In most cases, homeowners do not have the ability nor the tools required to perform the proper fix. If the belt or blower is broken and needs replaced, then you need the help of a professional technician.

  • Gas leaks. Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous, so if you ever suspect one, call a professional technician immediately. Gas leaks usually smell like sulfur, but they can also present as a hissing or whistling noise. Some even report seeing a white or dust cloud near the gas line. If you notice any of these issues, immediately call a professional.

  • Complete replacement. One of the common furnace repairs actually fall under the category of replacements! After about 10 years, furnaces no longer work. At that point, there’s nothing left to do but replace your system. That can only be done by a trained professional. Be sure to try the at-home fixes before you decide to overhaul your system, but if they don’t work, you likely need a new furnace.

  • Maintenance checks. The best way to prevent furnace problems is to schedule regular maintenance checks for the system. Common furnace repairs can be avoided when the system gets checked by a technician once a year. During maintenance checks, a trained technician addresses all of the problems included above and ensures the system continues to work at its best.

Contact Us for Common Furnace Repairs

Even when common furnace repairs seem impossible, Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Louisville, Kentucky, knows just what to do. Homeowners trust our trained technicians with their toughest furnace problems. When in doubt about common furnace repairs, call a professional to get the best answers. We perform quality, reliable furnace repairs.

For more information on our services, give us a call today. We have all the answers you need to fix your furnaces. Whether you like to DIY your solutions or if you need a professional, we have your back. Leave your common furnace repairs to us. Schedule a technican to your home today or we can schedule your next maintenance check on the phone. Give us a call!

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