The Most Common Plumbing Repairs You Can Expect

Homeowners occasionally need some of the most common plumbing repairs in Louisville, KY. Plumbing problems happen when you least expect them, but plumbers are able to easily solve these issues. They deal with common problems on a daily basis, so they know the right way to fix your issue. Sometimes, homeowners try to fix things on their own, but doing so can create more problems.

Jarboe’s sends our plumbers to every job with the right training to fix your issue the first time around. With our help, homeowners learn the most common plumbing repairs and the problems that cause them. We cover what our plumbers do when they fix problems and how to know when to call someone in the first place. 

Common Plumbing Repairs: When to Call an Expert

Plumbing problems are hard to fully examine without a plumber. Some problems only need at-home fixes, but you never truly know the size of the problem. Because of this, homeowners don’t always know when to call a plumber. Here are some common problems a plumber needs to look at before you take action – while the solution may seem simple, sometimes more complex issues are in play.

  • Garbage disposal. The garbage disposal experiences issues with its functions after misuse or if the device is old. In some cases, homeowners are able to reset the system to fix issues. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem, plumbers need to take action. Grinding noises or broken parts require the attention of a garbage disposal repair professional. 

  • Low water pressure. Low water pressure stems from a few different causes. Some are as simple as clogs, but other problems require more attention. For example, water pressure decreases in the presence of a leak. A plumber must repair a leak for the water pressure to return to normal. 

  • Dripping. If you hear drips from water fixtures or the pipes, you need a professional to take a look. Common plumbing repairs address drips because the causes occur anywhere in the system. Sometimes just one fixture is affected, while other times dripping can come from leaks in plumbing lines. Drips are sometimes a secondary issue rather than a primary one, so the plumber completes the necessary repairs on the primary problem, and the dripping ceases with the fix. 

  • Clogs. One of the most common plumbing repairs relates to blockages in drains and pipes. Clogs occur very often, which means most homeowners try to remove them on their own. However, some clogs deceive homeowners because they are farther down in the drain than expected. For example, tree root penetrations are common in the sewer line. Homeowners are unable to remove these clogs, so a plumber is necessary. 

  • Poor water quality. System problems often tamper with the quality of your water. For example, rust formation on pipes causes the water to turn red in color and have a metallic taste. When this issue arises, homeowners must contact a professional. Whenever a change in water quality occurs, the cause is difficult to pinpoint. A plumber finds the reason and implements the correct repairs to improve the quality. 

  • Backups. A backup occurs when water flows back through the system instead of forward, which causes fixtures to fill with water. If you flush a toilet and the sink or tub fills with water, you have a backup. Plumbers perform these common plumbing repairs often, so they know how to find the problem and fix it. 

  • Leaks. Leaks are another frequent problem for homeowners. They occur any time of year, but especially in winter when the pipes freeze. You are able to prevent freezes with proper precautions, but if the pipes do experience leaks for any reason, a plumber implements permanent solutions. Homeowners use repair sleeves as a temporary solution, but this doesn’t fix the problem in the long term.

  • Noises. Finally, any unfamiliar noise from the plumbing indicates a problem. The problems range in severity, but it’s always good to have a plumber take a look at the system to determine the cause of the noise. In general, gurgles from fixtures or hisses from the toilet are indicators of issues.

Common Plumbing Repairs: What the Plumber Does

Plumbers use their skills every day to perform common plumbing repairs. Homeowners want to know what these repairs are and how the plumber fixes them. In most cases, homeowners attempt to do these repairs on their own but sometimes cause more problems. Save yourself the money from a double repair and have a plumber come out to fix the issue before you try your hand at it.

Pipe Repairs

Some of the most common plumbing repairs deal with the pipes. Pipes experience leaks for a number of reasons. Though homeowners are able to implement temporary fixes with repair sleeves, there is no viable way for them to make permanent repairs. Only a plumber has the ability to perform permanent repairs.

Plus, if a pipe bursts, the plumber must install a new length of pipe to replace the broken one. For minor leaks, they use a permanent patch to mend the area.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

The garbage disposal breaks with misuse or age, and homeowners usually need a plumber to perform repairs. Make sure to only dispose of appropriate materials down the sink drain to ensure inappropriate items don’t jam or break the disposer. If this does occur, the plumber removes blockages and repairs any broken or bent parts.

Drain Clearing and Cleaning

One of the most common plumbing repairs deals with blockages and clogs. Drain clearing and drain cleaning both remove sediment from the pipes and drains, but they do have minor differences. Clearing involves the removal of large clogs. Contrarily, cleaning removes sediment collection stuck to the sides of the pipes. The cleaning ensures no mold or mildew grows in the system and hinders the formation of new clogs.

When homeowners try to remove clogs on their own, they miss the main cause of the problem in some cases. If tree roots are actually the blockage causing the most damage, there is no way for the homeowner to fix it. Only a plumber performs this kind of repair.

Additionally, plumbers use augers, snakes, and hydro jets to remove clogs and clean the pipes. A video inspection determines the exact cause of the clog, so they know which course of action to take.

Water Heater Repairs

Most homeowners know to call a plumber when an issue with the water heater arises. Because water heaters often deal with gas, they require a professional when repairs are necessary. Homeowners are able to relight pilot lights and clean sediment from the heater, but any other issue requires the expertise of a plumber.

Thermostats, thermocouples, and pilots are all a part of the inspection when a plumber takes a look. They ensure there are no gas leaks anywhere in the system. In most cases, the pilot light has a yellow flame when this happens. If you see a yellow flame, call a professional immediately.

Water Pressure Repairs

Water pressure issues are also on the list of common plumbing repairs because there are multiple causes. The problem hardly ever stems from an insufficient amount of water. Rather, the system experiences problems that cause the water to slow down.

Clogs and leaks are two main reasons for this issue. Video inspections allow plumbers to see the exact cause of the problem. This ensures they implement the best solution. For example, if they see a leak in a pipe directly under a sink with low water pressure, they know the leak is lowering the pressure. On the other hand, if all fixtures have low pressure, they know the problem lies farther down in the system.

Water Filter Repairs

Finally, water filter repairs are common for plumbers. Sometimes, the filter itself requires repairs. However, the water quality also presents issues if the concentration of minerals change unexpectedly. Some minerals cause corrosion to pipes—like iron—and sudden pH changes corrode copper pipes.

Plumbers use neutralizers to balance the pH of the water, which is one most common plumbing repairs. They also suggest a wide range of filtration devices to catch every type of impurity. For example, carbon filters are better at chlorine removal. Well water is especially susceptible to changes because it doesn’t undergo any regulation. 

The Biggest Benefits to Common Plumbing Repairs

Homeowners who leave repairs to the professionals experience improvements throughout their entire plumbing system. When the job receives proper attention from a plumber, the likelihood of more problems becomes nonexistent. If you perform the fix by yourself but miss a crucial element of the repair, the issue sometimes becomes worse. You save money when you call a professional as soon as the problem starts. Here are the other benefits to common plumbing repairs.

  • Fewer leaks. When a plumber repairs leaks, you know the solution is permanent and reliable. When a leak goes without treatment for any period of time, the expenses pile up because of the water damage. If a plumber addresses the issue fast, they are able to limit damage and give you advice on leak prevention. Plus, a plumber ensures the same area doesn’t experience a secondary leak after the repair.

  • Increased lifespan. Another benefit of professional help relates to the system’s lifespan. Common plumbing repairs done by a plumber are more reliable than at-home fixes, which means the system lasts longer. When repairs are incorrect, they actually shorten the life of the system because more breaks or failures are possible after shoddy repairs. 

  • Clearer pipes. Cleaning and clearing by a professional plumber helps your pipes stay cleaner overall. The tools plumbers use to clean the pipes are powerful and remove stubborn sediment. When pipes are clean, clogs and blockages have a harder time sticking to the sides of the pipe. This means small pieces of appropriately disposed material doesn’t cause large problems for your plumbing.

Jarboe’s: We Offer Quality Common Plumbing Repairs

The plumbers at Jarboe’s in Louisville, KY know homeowners need professional help with common plumbing repairs. Give us a call today to schedule repair services!

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