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Which Heating Company Should You Choose?

Homeowners ask themselves, “What’s the best heating contractor near me?” Though the question seems difficult to answer, it’s much easier than you think. Many homeowners find reliable heating contractors every day. To do this, they follow the essential tips in this article.

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Louisville, Kentucky, wants homeowners to feel safe with their heating contractors. We include the best ways to find a contractor as well as how to tell when a contractor is trustworthy. Even with all the options available today, homeowners find the best heating contractor for them with our help!

How to Locate a Heating Contractor near Me

Do you know where to look for your heating contractor? Many homeowners are unsure of the best course of action. Fortunately, you already know some people who want to help with this decision! When you need a new heating contractor, ask these people for advice.

  • Neighbors. Your neighbors know which contractors are most sought after in the neighborhood. Through experience and neighborly chatter, they know the good contractors and probably have a favorite. Plus, the people they mention are likely the closest heating contractors to your home.

  • Community members. Beyond those in your neighborhood, look to older members of the community. Ask them, “Which heating contractor near me has been around the longest?” They know which contractors have a good reputation in the community. Likewise, if they know a certain contractor is suspicious, they tell you.

  • Friends and family. Your friends and family want you to have a positive experience with a contractor, so they recommend the best options in town. If they don’t know anyone, then they ask their neighbors and friends for advice. Either way, you receive a list of affordable, dependable contractors.

Because the internet contains so much information, many homeowners type “best heating contractor near me” into their search engines. Yes, many answers to this question pop up when you press enter, but the choices are overwhelming. Plus, there’s no guarantee the information is true. Even when contractors have good reviews online, they potentially have more negative experiences than positive ones. Be careful with companies you find through search engines.

Trade Organizations for Heating Contractors near Me

A more reliable way to find a heating contractor near me is to search through trade organization databases. Trade organizations give contractors credibility, which means you’re safe in their hands. There are plenty of databases for heating contractors. Here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC). PHCC’s chapters are found across the nation. Only a few states are excluded. They focus on safe practice promotion and communication between homeowners and contractors. 

  • HVAC Excellence. For contractors who already possess certification, HVAC Excellence helps them achieve specialization and notoriety. Technicians receive additional training to enhance their skills in a particular area. If you ask, “Which heating contractor near me is the most specialized?” then search through HVAC Excellence’s database.

  • Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). The AHRI is one of the oldest trade organizations in the country, so they’re incredibly reliable. AHRI manufactures the majority of residential and commercial HVAC equipment. Those in the AHRI are proficient in the EPA’s standards and are certified to handle and recover refrigerant.

  • ENERGY STAR® Program. Additionally, there are certain programs for EPA certification and education. ENERGY STAR® provides contractors with tools they need for EPA certification. Their goal is to save homeowners and contractors money while the environment stays a top priority.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB). The Better Business Bureau is probably the most well-known business database. It provides homeowners with a list of trustworthy heating contractors all over the country. The kinds of businesses extend beyond HVAC companies, but it’s easy to specify the type of contractor you want to hire.

  • Kentucky Association of Master Contractors (KAMC). The Kentucky Association of Master Contractors only contains contractors in Kentucky. Members receive education, resources, and benefits to keep them up to date on current industry standards. Those who ask, “Who is the best heating contractor near me?” search through over 800 contractors in Kentucky and find the contractor for them.

Estimates and Heating Contractors

Your budget helps pick the right heating contractor near me. Reputable contractors offer estimates to customers for this reason. A good contractor considers the severity of the job as well as the affordability for the homeowner. You want a contractor to consider your budget when they offer you an estimate.

  • Multiple opinions. To ensure you stay within your budget, consult multiple contractors. Heating contractors differ in their pricing, and some are markedly more expensive than others. Consider the project as well as the reputation of the contractor when they offer their estimate. Does the price match the project?

  • Schedule your appointment. Next, pick a time for the contractor to assess the problem. In this visit, the contractor takes a look at the problem. They propose a diagnosis for the issue and talk about solutions. One characteristic of a good heating contractor near me is honesty, so if the technician takes time to explain problems it’s a sign they’re reliable.

  • Discuss your options. After the assessment, the contractor discloses several courses of action to fix the problem. You want the contractor to consider your needs when it comes to a solution. Pay attention to whether or not they listen to your concerns.

  • Receive estimates. At the end of the visit, the contractor gives you an estimate. This estimate needs to include the price of the labor, equipment, and the project as a whole. If they don’t specify which costs go where contact the customer representative at the company. They’re happy to help you figure out each of these three numbers.

Free estimates are standard in the heating contractor trade. The job alone usually costs more than homeowners like, so a free estimate acts as an incentive to invest in a quality job. If the contractor asks you to pay for your estimate, they probably aren’t the best heating contractor near me.

When you pick your contractor, look at all aspects of their offer. Though homeowners want to choose the most affordable option, it isn’t always the best choice. Consider the reputation of the contractor and if they listen to your needs. At the end of the day, you want a contractor who is on your side.

Heating Contractors near Me with Credentials

Credentials are mandatory for heating contractors. Without credentials, homeowners have no guarantee of safe, reliable repairs. This list contains all of the credentials you need to look for when you choose your heating contractor. Ask yourself, “Does a heating contractor near me possess these things?”

  • Bond. Bonds refer to incomplete projects. Many confuse bonds with insurance, but bonds only refer to coverage for a new contractor if the first one doesn’t complete the project. The coverage allows the homeowner to purchase the services of a new contractor to finish the job.

  • References. Make sure the heating contractor you choose has positive references. You want to contact these references if possible to confirm the skill and reliability of the contractor. Contractors who are open with this information are likely better choices than those who bury their references.

  • Insurance. Insurance differs from bonds because it refers to unexpected problems or injuries on the job site. A great heating contractor near me offers insurance for themselves, the workers, and the homeowners in emergency situations. There are a few kinds of insurance, so ask the contractor to clarify the terms and conditions before you sign.

  • License. All legitimate contractors operate with a license. Contractors without a license often use suspicious practices and incorrectly solve the problem at hand. Though they are likely the most affordable, contractors without a license are too risky for homeowners to consider trustworthy. A good heating contractor near me operates with a current license.

  • Brands offered. It’s typical in the HVAC industry for contractors to work with a certain set of brands. If you have a particular brand in mind, search for contractors with expertise in that area.

  • Estimates. Credible contractors offer free estimates to homeowners. Eliminate any contractor who charges for their estimates. It’s money wasted on a maybe instead of a solution to the problem.

  • Contracts. Contracts ensure the homeowner and contractor are on the same page with the project details. In the contract, the contractor details the project, equipment, and labor costs. They sometimes include a service contract, which ensures you receive regular service visits from the contractor. Ask the contractor to go over the details with you to make sure you both know what’s expected.

  • Experience. A good heating contractor near me has deep roots in the area. Look for contractors who have years of experience under their tool belt. Busy companies are also safe choices because it means they’re trusted by a lot of people.

  • Payments. Lastly, make sure you understand how much you need to pay, when you need to pay, and how much the total cost of the project is. Costly projects often have payment plans for homeowners. Make sure you and the contractor are on the same page about the payment schedule.

Jarboe’s Is the Best Heating Contractor near Me

Don’t take up all your time to find a heating contractor near me. Use the advice mentioned above to guide your search. Keep your budget in mind, but remember to consider the quality of the work in relation to the price.

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers homeowners peace of mind with their heating unit repairs. Our technicians are highly trained and understand the concerns of homeowners across Louisville, Kentucky. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate and schedule a repair visit.

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