Which AC Contractor Should You Choose?

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to start your search for a nearby Louisville air conditioning contractor. Whether you want to cut cooling costs with an air conditioner upgrade or need help with repairs for your existing AC equipment, a local Louisville HVAC contractor is just who you need!

If you’ve never had to hire a Louisville air conditioning contractor, there may be some confusion on where or how to start your search as well as what to look for when you hire an HVAC company. Luckily, there are many resources available that help Louisville, homeowners, just like yourself select and evaluate local heating and cooling contractors.

The HVAC pros at Jarboe’s have some suggestions to help you get started on your search for a Louisville air conditioning contractor. For area homeowners in need of a new cooling system or repairs to improve efficiency and performance of existing equipment, contact Jarboe’s today to schedule an estimate or service.

How to Find a Louisville Air Conditioning Contractor

Nearly all HVAC companies serve the business’s surrounding areas. In this highly localized business, the most useful recommendations for a Louisville air conditioning contractor come from those nearby. The people within your personal local network are great sources to turn to for their opinions on contractors in the area – think about those you know who live in Louisville and the surrounding communities.

  • Family members who live nearby are usually a great starting point when you search for a Louisville air conditioning contractor. Older generations who’ve lived in the area for years may have a great history with a nearby HVAC company that they’d be happy to share.

  • Your Louisville area friends are another helpful source in your search. If you remember recent discussions about a friend’s home improvement project or know someone in the area who works for a Louisville air conditioning contractor, reach out and ask for company names as well as experiences.

  • A trustworthy neighbor’s Louisville air conditioning contractor recommendation is also valuable, as you know that company serves your area. If you recall seeing a heating and cooling company truck parked in your neighbor’s driveway, ask about their experiences with the company they used.

When it’s your first time working with an air conditioning company, you don’t want to leave this decision up to chance. Those in your personal network don’t want you to have a bad experience and are typically more than happy to share their personal experiences to help you find a Louisville air conditioning contractor who is the right fit for your needs.

Your local friends, family, and neighbors provide an honest review you can trust about the heating and cooling contractors they’ve worked with in the past. If you trust their opinions on other matters, their opinions can be quite useful as you make your decision. With reviews from random customers on websites, you never know the full story. If you do check out a Louisville air conditioning contractor on a review website, look beyond the customer’s review to see how the company addresses complaints and compliments – Are their responses professional? Do they address the customer’s issue and work to find a resolution?

Trade Organizations Help You Find a Louisville Air Conditioning Contractor

Maybe you’re new in town and don’t have many local connections, or perhaps your network mainly consists of renters who also have never needed to deal with an HVAC contractor – don’t worry! Business and trade organizations are great networks to turn to in search of a Louisville air conditioning contractor. Check out recommendations from the following:

  • Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC): The PHCC is a national not-for-profit trade organization that supports industry professionals with educational trainings and business resources. They also advocate for the use of licensed contractors – search their network to find a Louisville air conditioning contractor near you!

  • Kentucky Association of Master Contractors (KYAMC): The Kentucky Association of Master Contractors is a trade organization that works to help industry professionals through training, business resources, and knowledge of laws, regulations, and mandates that affect the industry. They also advocate for public awareness of quality contracting work.

  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA): ACCA is a nationwide not-for-profit trade organization that serves those in the cooling industry. Homeowners are invited to search the organization’s directory to locate nearby air conditioning companies.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): The local BBB chapter serves Louisville as well as the Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky regions. This organization connects you with local businesses, provides business information, and offers assistance through dispute resolution. A good BBB rating is a mark of a quality Louisville air conditioning contractor.

Evaluating an Estimate from a Louisville Air Conditioning Contractor

For planned air conditioning projects such as system installations and upgrades, it’s recommended to get a few estimates from different HVAC companies. The estimate process works like this:

  • Contact a Louisville air conditioning contractor to request an estimate.

  • An appointment time is scheduled for you to meet with a representative at your home.

  • At your appointment, the representative discusses equipment options, listens to your needs and comfort concerns, and assesses your home to figure out the right solutions.

  • You are provided with an estimate for the proposed work.

Your estimate should be detailed, with information regarding the equipment model and size as well as any other work that is needed to accommodate the new air conditioner’s installation. If you have questions about an estimate, be sure to contact the company representative for clarification. It is key that you know exactly what equipment and services are covered by the estimate, so you are able to make an accurate comparison between the estimates you receive.

The installation of a new air conditioner is no small job, and the price reflects that detail. While it’s tempting to pick the lowest estimate and go with that company, price isn’t the only factor you should base your decision on. If you want to be able to turn to your Louisville air conditioning contractor in the future, make sure their business practices are sound and that they are able to handle your future needs.

When you have an air conditioner to repair in the sweltering Kentucky summer, time is of the essence – you need a fast repair. Use those personal and professional recommendations to help you make a choice. Expect to pay a service call fee for diagnosis of your system’s issues, though some contractors provide coupons or other promotions to help you save.

Look for a Louisville Air Conditioning Contractor with the Following

Ask you search for a Louisville air conditioning contractor, look for a company you are able to depend on for your immediate needs as well as those that could pop up in the future. HVAC companies want to build customers for life, and a relationship with a trustworthy contractor takes a lot of the stress out of heating and air hassles in the future.

Before you hire a Louisville air conditioning contractor, make sure the following points are covered:

  • License: Kentucky requires master HVAC contractors and journeyman HVAC mechanics hold a state license – apprentices must be registered under a master HVAC contractor. Before you hire an HVAC company, make sure their HVAC license is valid.

  • Certifications: The Environmental Protection Agency requires that HVAC technicians be certified in the safe and appropriate handling of refrigerants used in HVAC systems. Technicians may also obtain voluntary industry certifications from North American Technician Excellence (NATE), which is an independent certifying organization. Ongoing education is necessary to uphold NATE certifications.

  • Warranty: New air conditioning equipment comes with a warranty that covers certain components for a set period of time. A contractor may also include a labor warranty on their work to cover any issue that are related to the work done by their company.

  • Insurance: A Louisville air conditioning contractor needs to hold appropriate liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage to protect the company, employees, and homeowners during an HVAC project.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Called a variety of names by different contractors, this guarantee is meant as assurance that the company is dedicated to resolving customer issues and achieving total customer satisfaction before a job is complete.

  • Additional services: Over the time you live in your Louisville home, you may experience other issues that require an HVAC company’s help. You may need a new heating system, or you may have an HVAC breakdown that requires emergency repairs over a long weekend. Make sure your heating and cooling company provides comprehensive installation, repair, and maintenance services to help you with any HVAC situation that comes up.

Jarboe’s – Your Louisville Air Conditioning Contractor

For more than 30 years, Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has delivered the precise, high-caliber comfort services that Louisville homeowners demand. We know the Kentucky summers are miserable without a dependable air conditioning system, so we utilize the best equipment and the skills of our NATE-certified technicians to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home for your family.

For quality air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance, turn to Jarboe’s. Contact us today to learn more.

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