Here's How to Select a Plumber in Louisville, KY

If it’s the first time you’ve found yourself in need of plumbing services, you’re likely wondering, “How do I pick a plumber near me?” You’re not the first Louisville homeowner to ask this question, so don’t worry. Whether you’ve been lucky enough not to need plumbing repairs over the years, are a first-time homeowner, or just new to the Louisville area, a quality plumber is able to assist you with everything from installation to repairs and maintenance.

Your search for a plumber near me may feel difficult to start if you don’t know where to look and what to look for. Jarboe’s shares some resources to help Louisville homeowners start their search for a local plumbing company, as well as what attributes you want in a plumber near me.

Who to Ask About a Plumber near Me?

Whether this is your first home ever or first home in Louisville, or even your first time working with a plumber, start your search for a plumber near me with the same people you’d ask for other advice! A trusted plumber becomes a valuable resource for Louisville homeowners, and you want to work with someone you are able to establish an ongoing relationship with – there will be another time you need plumbing services, sooner or later.

Your friends, family, neighbors – you already turn to these folks for advice. Make them your first stop as you search for a plumber near me.

  • Your family members have likely provided some great advice over the years and they may even live nearby. Did your brother recently remodel the outdated bathrooms in his fixer-upper? Do you remember Uncle Larry talking about his overflowing toilet at last year’s family reunion? Someone in your local family network has likely used a plumber before – reach out and find out who, as well as what your family member’s experience was like when working with the plumber.

  • Do you have friends in the Louisville area? Whether they’re your buddies from childhood, parents you met at the PTA, or even co-workers, reach out to your network of Louisville area friends to see if anyone has a local plumber to recommend.

  • You know your neighbors are local – one of them has likely used a plumbing company before, and you’ll know that it’s a plumber near me! Whether or not you recall seeing a plumbing van at Bob across the street’s house, ask the neighbors you trust for recommendations regarding a plumber near me.

Plumbing contractors serve local areas, and in most cases aren’t restricted to just one city or town. This is helpful because it expands your network of resources to ask when it comes to recommendations. Your friend Carla in the next town over who has a great plumber need not be ruled out because she doesn’t live next door. If her plumber’s service area covers your nearby town, you’re in luck! Stick to your nearby friends and family, don’t ask your cousin who lives in California.

You trust your friends, family, and neighbors to be honest with you and provide the guidance you need in other aspects of your life – finding a plumber near me is no different. Not only do you want the name of a plumber near me, you want to hear about your source’s experiences with that company. Did they experience good customer service? Was the work completed and done in a timely manner? Have they had any problems since the job was finished?

Your trusted, local sources are a great asset in your search for a plumber near me. You are able to get an insider look at working with a particular business. You may hear both positive and negative reviews from these sources. Even a friend who had a terrible experience with a local plumber is helpful in your search – it may tell you which company not to call.

Organizations to Find a Plumber near Me

If you don’t have personal sources in the Louisville area, there is still help for homeowners to find a plumber near me. Reach out to business and trade organizations in the area for professional recommendations on a plumber who is able to meet your needs.

  • The local Chamber of Commerce is a good starting point for any business needs in your area. This is an organization made up of local businesses and business owners, who work to advance business and the economy in your community. There is a plumber in most every city and town across the country, and it’s likely you will find one who is a member of your local Chamber.

  • The Kentucky Association of Master Contractors (KAMC) is an organization made up of licensed contractors throughout the state. The Association is dedicated to improving education and training amongst members, guiding positive business practices, and helping homeowners choose the right contractor for their job.

Online review sites are another source some homeowners turn to for recommendations on a plumber near me. Remember these sites contain information that is a matter of opinion, and reviewers don’t always have to be customers of a particular plumber to leave a review. Through the reviews you find online about a company, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of the company’s reputation and business practices.

Keep this in mind if you choose to look at reviews for a plumber near me. You’re likely to find useful information here, especially if you look at how the company responds to issues both good and bad. Have they kept their cool in the face of criticism or are they unprofessional in their responses? Have they offered to right perceived mistakes or is the homeowner left high and dry? A plumber’s responses to online reviews tells you a lot about their professionalism and customer service.

What to Look for in a Plumber near Me

Ok, so now that you have a few company names, how do you narrow your search for a plumber near me to the plumber you want to hire? If you need a plumber for a planned project like a kitchen remodel, it’s wise to call at least three plumbing companies for estimates, then make a comparison. For emergency plumbing needs, time is not on your side – your trusted recommendations and research heavily guides you in your decision.

As you meet with and review a plumber near me, look for these qualities – this is what you want in a new plumber:

  • In Kentucky, plumbers must hold a license to do plumbing work and pull necessary permits. Work must be performed by a licensed journeyman plumber or performed under the supervision of a licensed master plumber. Ask your plumber for his or her license number, and verify it is active and up to date through the Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction.

  • A licensed plumber carries insurance to protect his or her customers as well as employees. Liability and workers’ compensation insurance prevents you from being held responsible for damage to your home or injury on your job. Ask your plumber for his or her insurance information before hiring.

  • warranty gives you additional protection in case of equipment malfunctions or problems with workmanship. If your plumbing job includes new equipment, there may be manufacturer’s warranties covering systems or components. A plumber may also offer a labor warranty covering workmanship. Warranty coverage is for a set term and covers applicable repairs during that time.

  • What additional services does the plumber provide beyond what is included on this job? Your plumbing system and equipment needs maintenance to maintain efficiency and performance over the years – can this plumber help there, too? If you have a water leak on New Years, will he or she be available? A good plumber becomes a relationship you are able to count on over the years you own your home – make sure the plumber you choose is able to help with any plumbing need that may arise.

  • When you search for a plumber near me, professionalism and customer service are very important qualities. You need to feel comfortable with who you are letting into your home to work. A good plumber puts your mind at easy by making employees easily identifiable. Company trucks and uniforms are standard. A plumber’s employees should act professionally at all times, from a phone call to the time spent inside your home. Ongoing education is important in the industry to ensure your plumbing company is up to speed on the changes to best practices and equipment in the industry.

  • detailed estimate is needed to ensure your price comparisons are accurate. Plumbing equipment ranges in price from model to model – your plumber should provide a detailed estimate which lists out exactly what work and equipment is included in the price.

A Plumber near Me: Jarboe’s

Since 1986, Jarboe’s has served the plumbing needs of homeowners in Louisville and the surrounding communities. Our commitment to your total satisfaction has made us a fixture in the community – when you need a plumber near me, we know your trusted sources will recommend us! We are available for your plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year!

Look no further for a quality plumber near me – contact Jarboe’s today!

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