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Why Is Scheduling an AC Tune-Up So Important in Louisville, KY?

Just like your vehicle, you need to tune-up your air conditioning system on a routine basis. Regular maintenance for your Louisville air conditioner performed by a professional HVAC technician enhances your heating and cooling system in many different ways. Because the perks of this service are so valuable, the importance of AC tune-ups should never be overlooked.

An AC tune-up each spring helps ensure a summer of comfort. The services delivered leave your AC unit operating at peak efficiency and largely prevent breakdowns and repairs throughout the season. Technicians inspect the air conditioner’s parts for safety and find flaws to fix which limits the need for repair in the future. All brands of heating and air systems benefit from tune-ups – learn why maintenance service is important so you’ll never forget to call your HVAC company to schedule an AC tune-up again.

How Important Is an AC Tune-Up to My System?

It’s necessary to service your AC unit in various ways throughout the year to maintain the system. Changing air filters is one element of regular maintenance that homeowners must perform every few months, but not all care can be completed on one’s own. Air conditioning units from all brands and even your furnace require inspection and maintenance services completed by licensed HVAC technicians on an annual basis.

Overall, it’s important to tune air conditioner equipment for good performance. When you maintain unit performance, you are rewarded in many ways. The outcomes of this vital HVAC system care allow you to save money and remain cool no matter how high the heat outdoors.

Tune-Ups Improve Operating Performance

An annual tune-up for your air conditioner facilitates better performance from the home’s HVAC system. All the different services completed by your heating and air company technician allow the AC unit to operate reliably throughout the heat of the season, keep temperatures even across the home, and ultimately make your family more comfortable.

Poor air conditioning performance occurs in many homes and can persist without the family’s knowledge if the unit is still able to produce cooling. Wear and tear to parts is a normal consequence of running the air conditioning, but over time this damage will cause your AC system to fail you. Technician inspection and service to tune air conditioners remove the burdens on your system so that your indoor areas stay effortlessly cool.

A Professional AC Tune-Up Preserves Peak Efficiency

The wear and tear that bogs down your air conditioner year after year places system components under stress as the unit operates. While poor performance results, reduced energy efficiency is another unwanted side effect. Just because wear and tear damage hasn’t caused an obvious malfunction requiring repair does not mean it isn’t harming your air conditioning system in ways unknown to you.

Skipping AC tune-ups contributes to the following issues that force your air conditioner to waste energy and struggle to fulfill its duty:

  • Dust continues to build up on coils, restricting the heat absorption ability of the evaporator coil and limiting the condenser coil from releasing heating outside
  • Electrical connections continue to work their way loose, increasingly disrupting signals sent through your system which leads to inaccurate cooling
  • A drain that is partially clogged eventually forms a complete obstruction so condensation is unable to exit the system
  • The air filter is not replaced, constantly blocking airflow and the air conditioner’s ability to cool the home

If you skip tune-ups intentionally or simply forget to call the company and schedule services, energy efficiency will drop year after year. The air conditioner will require increasingly more electrical power to fuel its operation. As a result, your utility bills steadily rise, making it impossible to save money on the cost of air conditioning.

AC tune-ups keep air conditioners operating at peak efficiency levels, which means the system requires less electrical power to run and less energy is wasted due to performance problems. The cost of an AC tune-up can be easily recouped as you save money on utility bills.

By lifting stress caused by wear and tear, an AC tune-up preserves the functionality of components. These parts are able to last longer, leading to the next important benefit that results from air conditioner maintenance.

Tune-Up Air Conditioning Units to Limit Repairs and Breakdowns

Call after call to have a technician inspect your air conditioner and diagnose repair needs leads to a lot of wasted time and money. The need for repair over the summer months can also leave you waiting in the heat, as your HVAC company is especially busy this time of year tending to other customer repairs.

The best way to limit air conditioning repairs over the summer is to have your technician perform an AC tune-up in the spring. The quality service and care that preserve performance and energy efficiency also reduce the risk of faults, system failure, and the need for repair – they’re all related!

Air conditioner maintenance cares for key system components, alleviating the stressors which eventually lead to failure.

  • Coils are cleaned to remove dust that blocks an evaporator coil from absorbing heat in the indoor air and restricts the condenser coil from releasing heating energy into the outdoor environment.

  • Refrigerant is measured to inspect for a leak in the system, as a refrigerant leak leaves the air conditioner without the necessary medium for heat transfer.

  • Electrical connections undergo inspection and tightening as needed so that a loose link doesn’t misinterpret system signals, forcing inefficient air conditioning cycles.

  • Moving parts are lubricated so they operate with ease and no longer restrict efficient operation of the air conditioner.

  • Dirty air filters are removed and replaced with a clean air filter so airflow is no longer restricted through the air conditioner, causing overheating and inefficient air conditioning.

  • Cleaning restores the condensate drain so it is no longer clogged, trapping moisture inside the system which increases cooling load for the unit.

  • Components inside the condenser are tested to make sure proper electrical voltage flows through to power the unit.

  • The fan assembly is cleaned and belts are tightened so that the fan can achieve proper speeds and circulate airflow throughout the house.

An AC tune-up for your air conditioning system offers two-fold protection against repair incidents – by service to preserve component condition and performance and by inspection to identify system flaws for early correction. Anytime a trained eye is able to inspect your system, it’s possible to have even the most minor flaws flagged so that repair can be completed now while the job is easy, before it grows into the need for serious and extensive repairs.

An Annual AC Tune-Up Can Add Years to Your Air Conditioner’s Life

Air conditioner replacement comes at a very high cost, so homeowners want to maximize value from the existing unit before buying a new one. The longer your air conditioner lasts with efficient performance, the more value it provides to a family.

If you tune-up and maintain your unit on a regular basis, it is more likely to last longer than expected. The benefits of an AC tune-up are all related. This service improves indoor comfort through better air conditioning performance, which boosts energy efficiency, protecting components from damage – limiting the need for repair helps keep the entire unit in service. With all components working properly, less damage is done to the air conditioning equipment.

An AC Tune-Up Protects Your Warranty

Should something go wrong with your air conditioner, repairs can cost you a lot of money. Technicians will inspect the air conditioner to find the source of the problem, and you may learn the malfunction resulted from a defect. A leak leading to refrigerant loss may be due to defective parts, defects within coils may hinder the air conditioning process, and so on. For situations like these that are out of your control, warranty coverage eases the financial burden of replacement for these parts.

All quality air conditioning brands provide a manufacturer’s warranty upon the purchase and installation of an AC unit. In the event of a defect that requires repair, the warranty covers the cost of component replacement if the terms cover the specific part, and the warranty term is still active and has not been invalidated in some way.

What many homeowners don’t realize is that they must do their parts to uphold the terms of a manufacturer’s warranty. Most brands require annual inspection and an AC tune-up performed by a professional. Skipping an AC tune-up could invalidate your coverage and leave you on the hook for the cost of repairs while being diligent about this annual service can save you big time.

AC Tune-Up Services in Louisville

Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provides AC tune-up services for all air conditioner brands throughout Louisville and the surrounding communities. Call us today to schedule this valuable maintenance service.

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