Spring HVAC and Plumbing Checklist for Louisville Homeowners

With many Louisville citizens spending extra time indoors due to social distancing, many are using this period to do some things around the house. As we move into spring, there are a few important tasks that need to be done to prepare for the coming months. To guide your home improvement efforts in the right direction, Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has compiled a springtime to-do list for homeowners that addresses key activities.

1. Screen Inspection

Damaged window and door screens let bugs and debris into the home as you enjoy the natural breeze, so eliminate these issues now before you open the windows this season. Inspect screens for damage, and repair tears and holes as necessary. If window and door screens were removed and stored over the winter, reinstall them after inspection.

2. Roof Inspection

Storms and high wind rip shingles loose and cause other types of damage that could lead to roof leaks. Take a pair of binoculars outdoors and scan your home’s roof, looking for damage and missing shingles. Arrange for roofing repair right away to avoid leaks. Note the location of any damage you found to help guide repair efforts.

3. Gutter Cleaning

The debris that have built up in your gutters stop rainwater drainage, which can damage your roof, foundation, and other parts of your home. Pull out debris and rinse small pieces out with a garden hose. Spray the hose downward through the top of each downspout to remove material and any clogs that have formed within them.

4. Air Conditioner Cleaning

Grass clippings, twigs, leaves, mulch chips, and other natural debris gather along the fins of an outdoor air conditioner condenser or heat pump, which blocks free air movement through the cooling system. Brush away this debris carefully. Remove vegetation growing up against the unit and within the two-foot area surrounding the unit. Trim branches and shrubs that extend into this area, too.

5. Air Filter Change

The system’s air filter also needs to be in good condition to promote free airflow. Remove the filter and take a look – if its surface is gray and entirely covered, you need to use a new one. Make sure the new filter is the appropriate size and inserted correctly.

6. Cooling System Test

Even though it’s not quite hot enough to need it, it’s still a good idea to turn your air conditioner on now Why? Because doing so gives you a chance to test the system and ensure proper performance before you really do need it. If problems present, you are able to schedule repairs right away whether than waiting with many people ahead of you in line later in the summer.

7. Sump Pump Test

Spring showers pose the risk of basement or crawlspace flooding and water damage if your sump pump isn’t working correctly. Test the sump pump and ensure it works as it should. Call your plumber if repairs are needed. Consider having a battery backup sump pump installed for extra protection, just in case your primary unit fails.

8. Ceiling Fan Adjustment

Use your ceiling fan to stay cooler with less work from your air conditioner this spring and summer season. At the switch located on the motor base, switch the direction of fan blade rotation to counterclockwise. As the blades spin in this direction, those at floor level experience a windchill-like condition that evaporates moisture from the skin.

9. Property Pick-Up

Enjoy the spring weather with a walk outside through your property. As you go, gather up big sticks you find and remove them from the lawn, as they inhibit the growth and strength of grass.

10. Family Enjoyment

While these aren’t the ideal conditions under which we’d like to enjoy extra time with our families, it is important to make the most of what we have. Added family time is a small silver lining that those of us staying home are able to enjoy, so take advantage!

This springtime to-do list will help you ready your home for the warm weather ahead. If you need assistance completing any of these items or addressing other concerns, please call Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today – our technicians are happy to assist you!


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