Here Are the Top Furnace Brands in Louisville

If you’re due for furnace replacement in your Louisville, KY home, you have many furnace brands to choose from. Many major brands manufacture gas furnaces and oil furnaces with a range of features and energy efficiency ratings. Rheem furnaces, Lennox furnaces, Carrier furnaces, Bryant furnaces, Goodman furnaces, Trane furnaces, and other brands offer a variety of HVAC system options for your home.

Today’s gas furnaces and oil furnaces are produced by a number of different furnace companies. With so many quality furnaces available, how do you know the best furnace brands for your home? The best gas furnace brands and oil furnace brands will differ from one homeowner to the next, as everyone has different needs from their heating and cooling products. There are many high-quality furnace brands known for producing the most efficient furnaces with high annual fuel utilization efficiency AFUE ratings as well as other major brands known for affordable furnaces that offer reliable, energy-efficient performance.

If you’re looking for a reliable furnace for furnace installation in your home, let Jarboe's Heating, Cooling & Plumbing help you explore the different furnace brands and the heating units they make. We will help you determine the best furnace brand to buy from to ensure your new furnace system is exactly what your home needs.

What to Determine Before Shopping for an Oil or Gas Furnace

Each furnace brand offers a number of different furnaces other equipment for HVAC systems. With so many furnace options available, there may be a number of best furnace brands that offer heating equipment fitting your criteria. Before you go searching for the best oil or gas furnace made by the best furnace brand, there are a few specifics you need to decide upon. Making decisions on fuel source, energy efficiency ratings, and capacity will provide you a baseline for evaluating different oil and gas furnaces from the various furnace brands.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

A furnace’s energy efficiency is expressed as the acronym AFUE, which is short for annual fuel utilization efficiency. The AFUE rating shares how energy efficient the furnace’s performance is, expressing the amount of fuel consumption used to create heat versus what is wasted during the heating process. Standard efficiency furnaces start at 80% AFUE in the most energy efficient furnaces are around 98% AFUE.

The energy efficiency rating of a home furnace is important to your purchase decision in terms of cost. Furnace efficiency affects the initial cost of buying the unit as well as your ongoing costs to operate it. Average furnace installation costs for high-efficiency or ENERGY STAR® rated models are higher than the costs to install a lower-efficiency HVAC unit. High energy efficiency furnaces require less energy to heat the home, therefore energy costs are lower when using this type of HVAC system. If you choose to purchase an affordable standard efficiency furnace, your energy bills will be higher each month than if you had selected a more energy-efficient option.

Heating Fuel Source

Top furnace brands make HVAC systems powered by a number of different types of fuel, including natural gas, liquid propane, heating oil, and electricity. The most common heating fuel used to run furnaces in Louisville homes is natural gas.

As you search for a new furnace, it’s critical that you think about what energy sources are available in your house. In homes that use electric furnaces or heat pumps because they do not currently have access to another fuel source, it may be possible to connect to a natural gas utility and pipe the home to facilitate the use of a gas furnace and other gas appliances. However, the cost of this home upgrade can add several thousands of dollars to the average furnace installation costs, which means it isn’t a viable option for all homeowners.

Many people choose to buy a new furnace that operates using the same fuel source as their old one. This is often done for simplicity as well as familiarity, but there are reasons why switching to a different fuel source is advantageous. While electric furnaces are rated as more energy efficient than gas furnaces, they consume more energy in the heating process than gas furnaces do, which makes heating costs higher with electric furnaces. If you use propane or heating oil furnaces, you do not have access to a constant fuel source and must depend on refueling, which can come at a high cost. Connecting to a natural gas utility eliminates the need to monitor fuel levels and schedule refills while providing you with a constant source of heating fuel at a steady price.

Equipment Size

The capacity or size of a furnace refers to the amount of heat it can generate. Capacity for gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and electric furnaces is measured in BTUs, which stands for British Thermal Units. Sizing for an average furnace installation in Louisville homes ranges from 36,000 BTUs to 120,000 BTUs.

Purchasing higher-capacity furnaces typically costs more than lower-capacity models. It’s important that you size a new furnace correctly so that it will work properly, use energy efficiently, and won’t break down early. If your furnace is too big or too small for your home, you will have trouble keeping living spaces comfortable and your HVAC system will suffer from excess wear and breakdowns requiring furnace repair. The only way to correct this furnace issue is furnace replacement with a correctly sized system.

To determine the right size furnace for a home, an HVAC residential load calculation is performed. The calculation will show the amount of heat required to increase the temperature in a home to a comfortable level. Work with a heating and cooling professional to ensure this process is done correctly so that you can buy a furnace that is the right size.

Top Furnace Brands for Louisville Homes

Many furnace brands produce quality furnaces and other HVAC equipment for Louisville homeowners. Which furnace brands are the best furnace brands is highly dependent on each individual’s heating needs, preferences, and budget. Learn more about popular furnace manufacturers and reliable brands as well as the oil and gas furnaces they offer to narrow down the best furnace brands you’d like to consider when buying HVAC systems.

Carrier Furnaces

Carrier is a furnace brand that has long been known for producing innovative and reliable furnaces. Homeowners around the world trust Carrier heating and cooling products for their home comfort needs.

The current line of Carrier furnaces includes Infinity, Performance, and Comfort series gas furnace models. Comfort and Performance series gas furnace models feature affordable gas furnace options with standard efficiency to high efficiency. The Infinity series gas furnace units are rated up to 98.5% AFUE and offer features including variable blower motors and modulating gas valves to provide efficient variable speed operation.

Trane Furnaces

For decades, Trane has produced quality heating units that are built to last. Trane is often considered to be a premium furnace brand, as Trane furnaces are often more expensive to install than furnaces manufactured by other HVAC brands. The Trane furnace line offers single-speed standard energy efficiency furnaces as well as variable-speed models with energy efficiency ratings up to 97.3% AFUE.

Lennox Furnaces

Over 100 years ago, Lennox produced the first riveted steel furnace. Today, the Lennox furnace brand is known for their variety of quality furnaces made to fit all budgets. Their oil furnaces and gas furnaces include variable speed furnaces with high energy efficiency and quiet operation as well as single speed affordable gas furnace models.

Rheem Furnaces

Rheem is a furnace brand that manufactures propane and natural gas furnaces. Their home furnace options range from 80% AFUE to 98.7% AFUE. Convenient features like a removable heat exchanger make it easy to maintain and repair these furnaces.

Goodman Furnace

The Goodman gas furnace brand hasn’t been around as long as some of the other HVAC brands, yet it is well-known for affordable gas furnace options. The Goodman furnace line features efficiency ratings up to 98% AFUE.

York Furnaces

York is another furnace brand that offers a versatile line of gas furnaces for use in homes across Louisville. Each York gas furnace is made in America and there are many options with affordable average furnace installation costs. York gas furnaces offer up to 98% AFUE.

Bryant Furnaces

Bryant gas furnaces and oil furnaces offer a number of options for Louisville homeowners. Affordable standard efficiency models are available along with highly efficient furnaces up to 98.3% AFUE. The Bryant furnace brand is well-known amongst its owners for offering furnaces that are reliable and deliver a great user experience.

Proper Installation for Gas Furnaces and Oil Furnaces in Louisville

When you’re ready to buy a new furnace for your Louisville home, turn to the pros at Jarboe's Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to explore different furnace brands and find the right model for you. Contact us today to request a quote for furnace installation and furnace replacement in Louisville, KY.

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