Everything You Should Consider When Choosing an AC Brand

The HVAC industry is filled with innovative equipment manufacturers – with so many options available, which air conditioner brand is a Louisville homeowner to choose? If you’ve never shopped for a new air conditioner before, the amount of options and brands may feel even more confusing.

Jarboe’s introduces you to some of the major manufacturers, to give you a better idea of each air conditioner brand. As you investigate your new air conditioner options, we show you what to look for in a cooling contractor so you are able to access the specialized information needed to make an informed purchase decision.

Jarboe’s delivers quality new air conditioners matched with expert installation service to provide the precision cooling Louisville homes demand. For all your air conditioning installation needs, contact us today.

Learn More About Each Air Conditioner Brand

Even without a detailed knowledge of each major air conditioner brand, you’ve likely heard of a few of them. A name is a good starting point, but let’s take a look at some of the major industry players and their commitment to home comfort.

Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier is the perfect starting point when learning about major air conditioner brands, as founder Willis Carrier is the reason the industry exists! In 1902, Carrier created the first system that controlled humidity in the air, laying a foundation for the modern cooling systems that homes use today.

With a rich, century-long history in cooling, Carrier air conditioners are trusted in homes throughout the world as well as serving in a variety of different industries. The company is responsible for developing technology that further improves indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

Carrier’s line of air conditioners offers options for everyone. The Infinity, Performance, and Comfort Series air conditioners deliver a range of choices for optimal energy efficiency, quiet performance, and improved air quality in the home.

Trane Air Conditioners

Trane is another air conditioner brand that has been in business for more than 100 years. Trane air conditioners feature compressors made in-house along with other innovative components meant to deliver high efficiency and comfort levels within the home.

Trane offers a selection of many air conditioner models in a range of capacities to meet the cooling demands of each home they serve. These cooling systems are backed by warranty protection that delivers added value for users over the years the system is in place.

Lennox Air Conditioners

The Lennox air conditioner brand began in the 1890s, as the first manufacturer to produce a riveted-steel furnace. Since their inception, Lennox has worked to evolve cooling technology and ultimately deliver enhanced options for comfort and energy conservation.

Louisville homeowners are able to select air conditioner models from Lennox’s Dave Lennox Signature Collection, Elite Series, and Merit Series cooling systems. Each product line has options to help you meet your goals, whether they be based on budget or energy conservation.

Rheem Air Conditioners

The Rheem air conditioner brand dates back to the mid-1920s. Today they remain the only equipment manufacturer in the world to produce home, water, pool, and spa heating, home cooling, and commercial refrigeration products.

When browsing equipment options from this air conditioner brand, Louisville homeowners may select from Prestige and Classic Series air conditioners. As other brands, Rheem continually incorporates improved technology within their systems for better comfort.

Goodman Air Conditioners

Founded by a Texas cooling contractor in the 1970s, the Goodman air conditioner brand is now a member of Daikin Industries, Ltd., a world leader in residential and commercial HVAC. The Goodman air conditioner brand is founded on value, producing budget-conscious options that utilize energy-efficient features for environmentally friendly comfort.

York Air Conditioners

The York air conditioner brand also dates back over 100 years, with numerous innovations in cooling over the years. York air conditioners are made in the United States, from design to completion. Their Affinity and LX Series cooling systems deliver several options for Louisville homeowners.

Professional Assistance with Air Conditioner Brand Selection

As you determine which air conditioner brand is best for your Louisville home, a qualified HVAC contractor is an excellent resource available to you. With so many available options, it certainly helps to have an insider explain each system and how the models are capable of meeting your needs.

Work with certified contractors of a chosen brand for advantages when selecting your next air conditioner brand.

What Is a Certified Contractor Program?

There are a number of heating and cooling companies that sell each air conditioner brand, but a select group maintains a designation of certified by the brand. This certification is known by different names from one air conditioner brand to the next, but the goals are common – these contractors have undergone advanced training and uphold strict standards to represent the air conditioner brand, whether they are called factory authorized dealers, certified contractors, comfort specialists, or another similar title.

To hold this title from an air conditioner brand, a cooling contractor typically undergoes detailed training directly through the air conditioner brand. This training provides advanced information regarding all aspects of the air conditioner brand’s cooling systems.

What can a certified contractor do for you?

  • A certified contractor’s detailed knowledge of each system they sell allows them to best explain each system to you, and match you with equipment that is right for your home, efficiency goals, and budget. They are trained in this area and have the ability to help you better understand how each system and its features go to work for you.

  • With their advanced technical training, certified contractors know how to install and service an air conditioner brand’s systems with precision. When you choose an air conditioner brand through a certified contractor, you gain more peace of mind that installation is accurate.

  • Certified contractors also use genuine parts manufactured by the air conditioner brand to make repairs to the system down the road. This is critical to uphold the system’s warranty, which risks becoming void if parts from other manufacturers are used. Genuine parts from the original air conditioner brand are designed specifically for your system to restore its original efficiency and cooling performance.

The HVAC industry has changed a great deal since its beginnings, and these advancements continue every day. This means contractors need ongoing training to stay current with new systems and features. A certified contractor has continuing education requirements to ensure they are up to date with new technology offered by the air conditioner brand.

Jarboe’s Is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

When shopping cooling system options from the Carrier air conditioner brand, Jarboe’s is well-trained to help Louisville homeowners find their perfect match. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, which means:

  • We are among the top 5 % of air conditioning contractors who offer this air conditioner brand. We have met and continue to uphold the brand’s standards for business practices, training, professionalism, and more.

  • Every member of the Jarboe’s team trains direct with Carrier to gain a detailed knowledge of every cooling system they produce. Our team knows every feature and how it works to deliver better cooling performance in your Louisville home. We know exactly how these systems must be installed to protect the equipment as well as your indoor comfort.

  • It’s our job to educate homeowners about equipment options from this air conditioner brand. We’re happy to put our knowledge and training to work for you and help you discover a cooling system that checks all the boxes when it comes to performance, price, and efficiency.

  • Every Jarboe’s technician is NATE-certified. NATE is a voluntary certification program which verifies an HVAC professional’s industry and technical knowledge and skill. Our EPA certifications also ensure refrigerant is safely handled for the protection of our environment.

  • To keep our Factory Authorized Dealer status, we are committed to quality business practices, which is a major benefit to our customers. We maintain an extremely high level of customer satisfaction, continuing education requirements, and more.

Jarboe’s is also a Carrier President’s Award Winner, which is the highest honor a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer is able to earn. We run an even tighter ship to ensure the sound operation of our business, from management to growth. When you work with Jarboe’s to install a new system from the Carrier air conditioner brand, know you are working with a team committed to your satisfaction.

Jarboe’s and Carrier are committed to delivering optimal indoor comfort with their cooling systems. If you decide your new Carrier air conditioner isn’t meeting your demands, we solve the problem or remove the system and issue a refund for the purchase price within a year of the original system installation date.

There are many options for air conditioner brands, which creates a difficult choice for Louisville homeowners. Learn about the available brands and turn to a contractor who is highly qualified to help you make an informed decision.

Jarboe’s puts our Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer status to work for our Louisville customers. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the Carrier air conditioner brand, and help you navigate their product line to find your ideal match. For all your air conditioning installation needs, contact us today.

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