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Plumbing problems may not be rare in Bardstown, KY, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with issues. From overflowing toilets and clogged drains to main line breaks and high water pressure issues, our licensed plumbers are always available to help. Here at Jarboe’s, we are committed to making your home the best it can be. Whether you are upgrading to a new tankless water heater or you need to have a new dishwasher installed, we can help.

We offer plumbing repair service 24/7, because plumbing issues don’t stop just because you have a day off of work for a holiday. From the moment you call, our Client Care Specialists will kindly and efficiently work with you to diagnose and resolve your plumbing problems. After talking with you about your concerns, our specialists can dispatch one of our licensed plumbers and their fully stocked truck—so a solution is on the horizon. Our team is committed to diagnosing and fixing repairs before they leave. If they are unable to provide an immediate repair, they will work hard to protect your home until a more permanent solution can be made.

We want each of our clients to feel empowered and supported, and our goal is to be considered the best plumbers and heating and cooling company in Bardstown, KY. Please let us know if you need any help with your plumbing system, because we are only a call away.


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Water Heater Repair in Bardstown, KY

At Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in Bardstown, KY, we specialize in water heater repair. No matter what your water heater problem is—whether it is no hot water in the house or your electric water heater or gas water heater not working—our experienced plumbers are here to help. We handle both tank hot water heater units and tankless water heaters, and the best part? We offer 24/7 emergency repair service for all your water heating needs.

If you’ve been noticing strange occurrences with your gas water heater or electric water heater, it may be time to call us for help. Things like no hot water in the house, sounds of rumbling and banging coming from your hot water heater, or a water temperature that is erratic when you turn on the faucet could be signs of your water heater not working properly, so you need water heater repair in your home. To make sure that your gas or electric water system is running safely and efficiently it’s always best to seek out an expert opinion as soon as you start to notice any issues.

Our friendly professionals are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and high-quality repairs so you can enjoy a hot shower or a warm bath without hassle. You can depend on us for fast response times and careful attention to detail. We use advanced diagnostic tools to accurately diagnose and fix any problems you may have with your system quickly and properly.

Don’t suffer through cold showers any longer than necessary! Contact Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing right away to get back to enjoying hot water in no time. Our team will make sure everything is up and flowing safely so you always feel comfortable at home!

Water Heater Replacement in Bardstown, KY

If you got an extra bonus that accounted to 20% of your annual energy budget, would you be happy about it? Most homeowners in Bardstown, KY would be, which is why they decide to update their water heater with a more efficient model. Traditional tank water heaters only last about 10 years and can consume as much as a fifth of your energy spending, decreasing the amount of money you have to spend on other things. However, when you work with Jarboe’s to replace your water heater with a new, energy efficient tankless heater, you can lower your energy spending and enjoy a system that lasts as long as 20 years.

Our team of licensed Bardstown plumbers are employed directly by Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, so you’ll never have to worry about subcontractors creating problems with your new appliances. We offer both traditional tank and tankless models, so you can customize your home with whatever you need. We also help homeowners to make the switch from electric to natural gas systems to save money. Let our team offer the expert guidance and superior craftsmanship we are known for. We are ready to serve you!

Drain Cleaning in Bardstown, KY

When they’re working correctly, you probably don’t give much thought to your home’s drains. If something goes wrong, such as a clogged sink or clogged drain, that changes. When that happens, it can be a real hassle trying to figure out how to unclog drain pipes on your own.

Fortunately, Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can help! Our drain cleaning services in Bardstown, KY can take care of any drainage issues you may be experiencing – we’ll unclog drain pipes quickly so they work reliably for your family. If you’re ready to get your drains taken care of, call the experts at Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today!

Bardstown, KY Drain Cleaning Services

If you experience a clogged drain at home, professional drain cleaning services can take care of the problem easily. Here are the methods our plumbers use to unclog drains in Bardstown, KY.

  • One of the most common tools we use is an auger, which is also known as a plumbing snake. An auger consists of a long, flexible cable that is equipped with a sharp cutting head. The auger is inserted into the drain, and the plumber then uses a handle to rotate the cable. This cuts through any blockages in the pipe, allowing water to flow freely again.
  • In some cases, hydro jetting may be used instead. This involves using high-pressure water to blast away any buildup in the pipes. Hydro jetting is especially effective at removing tough grease buildups.

Tips to Unclog Drain Lines in Your Home

If you have a clogged sink or other fixture in your kitchen or bathroom and it is draining slowly, there are a few methods you can try to unclog drain pipes. One method is to use a plunger. Another is to use a baking soda and vinegar solution. A third method is to pour hot water down the drain. If these tricks don’t unclog the drain, please call Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for help!

Sump Pump Replacement in Bardstown, KY

When the weather is wet and rainy, the last thing you want to worry about is that moisture collecting in your home. Unfortunately, if you have a basement, crawlspace, or exterior entrance into your basement, you may be faced with an accumulation of melted snow or draining water, which can damage your home in no time. Water can warp wood, damage siding, destroy carpet, and prompt mold growth indoors, causing homeowners to file expensive homeowner’s insurance claims.

However, sump pumps are designed to tackle flooding before it becomes a widescale problem. Installed in low-lying areas, sump pumps remove water after a float switch within the collection area has been tripped. It’s important for homeowners throughout Bardstown, KY to check their sump pumps and replace them when they stop working properly, since it could spell trouble with water damage. At Jarboe’s, we can help to repair or replace your sump pump. We also offer battery backup sump pump systems to supplement existing units. Let us know how your system is working and give us a call if you suspect you may need a new unit. We are happy to help, because preventing water damage could save your home.

Sewer Line Repair in Bardstown, KY

Are you dealing with a clogged or damaged sewer pipe? If so, you may be considering a traditional sewer line repair method that involves excavating your yard to access the pipe. However, there is a better way – trenchless sewer line service. Trenchless sewer line repair is a minimally invasive method that inserts a new pipe lining to repair damaged sewer pipes. Tackle sewer problems today when you call Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for sewer line service in Bardstown, KY.

Bardstown Trenchless Sewer Line Service

Trenchless sewer line repair is a minimally invasive method of repairing damaged sewer pipes. The process begins with a small hole being dug at each end of the damaged pipe. A flexible liner coated with epoxy resin is then inserted into the pipe. Once the liner is in place, it is inflated and left to cure for several hours. After the epoxy has cured, the liner will harden and become structurally sound, creating a new pipe within the old one. This new pipe will be strong enough to last for decades and will not require any additional maintenance.

Trenchless sewer line service can be used to fix a variety of different types of sewer pipe problems, including:

  • Cracks
  • Root infiltration
  • Corrosion
  • Off-grade pipes
  • Bellied pipes
  • Broken pipes
  • Collapsed pipes

Trenchless sewer line service is an effective way to repair all of these types of problems without having to excavate your yard or disrupt your landscaping. Plus, it’s much more affordable than traditional methods of repair.

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