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When you own a home, the only thing that is absolutely certain is that you are bound to encounter a few surprises along the way. From broken air conditCharlestown Indiana - Jarboe's Plumbing, Heating and Coolingioners that leave your home musty and hot to clogged toilets that leave unpleasant surprises, it pays to have a great team of plumbing and HVAC professionals you can count on in Charlestown, IN.

Since 1986, our professional air conditioning, furnace, and plumbing professionals have been diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving issues for home and business owners throughout the area. Whether you wake up on a cold winter’s night without heat or you are struggling with a humid home during the warmer months, we can help.

Before any action is made, our friendly, impressive professionals will work hard to educate you on the problems your home is having—so you have full control over which repairs are performed. We are completely committed to providing long-term, permanent solutions instead of quick fixes that won’t last.

From the moment you call in, our team will be by your side every step of the way. Our client dispatch team will work with you to understand your problem, because we care. Next, the right NATE Certified HVAC professional or fully licensed plumber will be sent to your home.

For more than 30 years, we have been focused on being a highly ethical, solution-focused team that cares about offering the kind of customer service our clients have come to expect.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Charlestown, IN

Air conditioning repair is crucial not only to make your home comfortable during the summer months, but to keep your space safe for your family. When temperatures climb, risks for heatstroke and even death can increase, so let us know at the first sign of a cooling system problem.

At Jarboe’s, we want to be your Charlestown, IN solution for your air conditioning issues. Our NATE Certified technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to help you with your home cooling repairs. Our Client Care team starts every call the same way—by listening. We want to understand your air conditioning problem, so we may ask a series of questions to help you to troubleshoot certain elements of your HVAC units.

If we suspect repairs are needed, we will ask if you would like a technician sent to your home. Our team will carefully diagnose the issue and provide information about the problem, so you can make important decisions about repairs and system replacements. When repairs are necessary, technicians may have parts in-stock on their trucks to fix things immediately. However, if you do need a full system replacement, they can talk with you about what installation will entail.

Before a new air conditioner is installed, we will carefully calculate the necessary cooling load of your home, so future air conditioners work properly to remove heat and humidity from your home. We are committed to helping your home to be cool and comfortable all summer long, so please reach out when you notice a potential issue.

Find out more about our air conditioning repair services.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Charlestown, IN

How did your air conditioner do last summer? If it struggled to keep up with the cooling load in your home, it may be time to consider a replacement. Over time, air conditioning units can become less efficient, and it may be necessary to replace the one used in your Charlestown, IN home to ward off those hot, muggy summer days.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we have all of the latest equipment designed to cool your home efficiently, without driving up energy costs. Here at Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we have an incredible selection of heating and cooling products, including air source and geothermal heat pump cooling systems, as well as ductless unit. Our Comfort Consultants can carefully calculate the heat load of your home based on square footage, number of windows, and household size, so your new air conditioner will be able to keep your home a comfortable temperature.

We only employ NATE-certified technicians to manage installations, because the details matter. Our team will carefully install your new system according to proprietary guidelines set by Carrier, so you won’t have to worry about issues with your system. Let us know what you need, and our team will be right out to help.

Find out more about our air conditioning replacement services.

Furnace Repair in Charlestown, IN

When winter weather approaches, temperatures can drop dangerously low. You may wonder how to keep your family safe if your heating fails, which is why we are only a phone call away. Our 24/7/365 commitment to service can help you to get things working again, so your home can remain the safe, comfortable place you retreat to at the end of a grueling day.

Our team is committed to listening to you from the first call. Our Client Care Representatives will talk with you about your heating experience and any problems you have been having, asking critical questions to guide repairs in the right direction. You may be asked whether or not you have heard any new sounds or noticed any strange smells, since those issues may indicate a deeper problem.

Since our professional HVAC experts drive fully stocked vehicles, they may have parts in stock to make emergency repairs to your unit to restore heat right away. However, if parts aren’t available or your system needs to be replaced, we can offer replacements.

We offer a full range of HVAC equipment, including ductless units, geothermal systems, gas furnaces, and boilers. We can also program your thermostats or offer replacements, since that simple unit controls your entire heating and cooling system. If furnace replacements are necessary, our team will work with our Comfort Care professionals to calculate the necessary heating load of your home, taking things like heat-generating appliances, window and door locations, and even the position of your home into account.

Find out more about our furnace repair services.

Furnace Replacement in Charlestown, IN

We are lucky enough to enjoy relatively mild winters here in Charlestown, IN, but even here, we still have some days that wouldn’t be comfortable or safe without home heating. While temperatures are usually above freezing, the weather here is humid enough to create a great deal of wind chill, creating risks for families who can’t rely on their furnace. However, like any appliance, furnaces can develop problems as they get older, and it may be necessary to replace your unit.

Here at Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we want the process of replacing your furnace to be as convenient as possible. We have Comfort Consultants on hand to ensure that the proper model is chosen for your home’s square footage, number of windows, and household size, so your new unit will be able to keep up with demand. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we have all kinds of furnaces available, including forced-air gas systems, boilers, ductless units, and both air-source and geothermal heat pumps. We only employ NATE-certified installers to put in your new system to maximize efficiency and prevent problems.

We are committed to creating a warmer, more comfortable home for your family, because your safety is important. Let us know how we can help.

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Plumbing Repair in Charlestown, IN

Most of the time, plumbing problems simply can’t wait. Clogged toilets can be an eyesore, and issues with non-draining tubs or leaky pipes are nothing to let linger. For this reason, our fully licensed and insured plumbers can help with repairs.

Here at Jarboe’s, we want you to know that we are committed to providing long-term, permanent repairs, not quick fixes that won’t last. When you need plumbing service in Charlestown, IN, our team will carefully diagnose the underlying cause of the issue and provide the kind of repairs you need—fast.

Unlike many other plumbing companies, our team is also committed to talking with you about how to prevent issues in the future. If you are using too much laundry detergent or are living with hard water, we can talk with you about how that can impact your plumbing system.

We truly care about your home and family, and we want you to count on us to become your lifelong plumber. Let us know how we can help today.

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Water Heater Replacement in Charlestown, IN

How much do you spend a year on hot water? While it’s not an expense that many homeowners in Charlestown, IN think about, it can consume as much as 20% of your annual energy budget. However, making a few changes could drastically lower that number, so you can spend money on something a little more fun than warm water for showers, baths, and washing dishes.

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers both conventional tank water heaters and tankless, on-demand systems. Our licensed IN plumbers can also help you to switch from electric powered systems to natural gas units, which can lower your costs. Before you make any decisions, our team can sit down with you, talk with you about your home’s needs, and find the most efficient model available that works with your budget. We are here for you when you need it, because everyone deserves to save money and live better.

Find out more about our water heater replacement services.

Sump Pump Replacement in Charlestown, IN

Your basement, crawlspace, or exterior entrance is prone to a particularly frustrating problem—ground flooding. Water can collect anywhere that sits below ground level, and unfortunately, when these areas are present inside your property, water can wreak havoc. In addition to destroying elements like drywall and carpet, water can also soak wood, warp the structure, and even rot the material. Water can also attract pests and prompt mold growth, which can create health hazards for your family.

Here at Jarboe’s, we are committed to keeping families safe, which is why we install, maintain, and replace sump pumps for homeowners throughout Charlestown, IN on a regular basis. We also offer battery backup sump pumps that act as a second line of defense, just in case your primary pump doesn’t function properly for some reason.

Whether the weather forecast is bleak or you are trying to avoid filing an expensive, time-consuming homeowner’s insurance claim in the future, the team at Jarboe’s is here to help with your sump pump needs. Our plumbers can evaluate the low-lying parts of your home and recommend the appropriate pump, so you can sleep a little easier when the rain is falling outside.

Find out more about our sump pump replacement services.

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