Why Should You Maintain Your Furnace, Air Conditioner, or Heat Pump?

Maintaining your furnace, air conditioner, and heat pump can save you money in equipment replacement and energy usage.

Your heating and cooling system is one of the most expensive investments that you have in your home, and you probably don’t think about it until it doesn’t work. Your furnace and A/C or heat pump also use the majority of energy in your home, almost 50%, so it is important to make sure they are running efficiently. Seasonal maintenance will protect your investment and help keep your energy usage down. Our professional HVAC technicians are trained to provide seasonal maintenance for your heater, air conditioner, or heat pump which can extend the life of your equipment and help minimize your utility bills.

Save with our Carefree Maintenance Agreement.

Our Carefree Maintenance Agreement provides many benefits in addition to helping you lessen your energy usage and extend the life of your equipment. You also get: TWO YEAR Parts and Labor Warranty, TWO Annual Visits (one Heating and one Cooling), 15% Discount on Heating and Cooling Repairs, 5% Discount on Heating and Cooling Equipment, 15% Discount on Indoor Air Quality Products, FREE Service Call with Repair, Maintain and validate manufacturer warranties AND Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling warranties, Priority Service over Non-Plan Members, Fast Response, and 24/7 Emergency Service (NO OVERTIME CHARGES).

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You May Be Thinking…

My equipment is working fine, why do I need a Carefree Maintenance Agreement?

Good question. Your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump may be very reliable and efficient now, but a Carefree Maintenance Agreement can help make sure it stays that way. After all, things wear down over the years when they aren’t cared for properly. Our professional HVAC technicians are trained in maintaining your heating and cooling system. This seasonal-care will help increase lifespan and maintain the equipment efficiency ratings.

What does a Jarboe’s trained technician do that’s worth the cost of a Carefree Maintenance Agreement?

Our technician will start by talking with you about the performance of your system and what concerns you may have. Then he will follow an extensive checklist of procedures and checkpoints to get your unit performing at its best. Here are a FEW items on the checklist of over 50 actions:

  • Evaluate the air filter condition
  • Brush, clean, and vacuum heat exchanger
  • Inspect burners for rust and deterioration
  • Outdoor coil brushed and cleaned
  • Check wire connections
  • Check air temperature differentials
  • Check condensation drain
  • Check thermostat operation

What does a Carefree Maintenance Agreement cost?

Less than a soda a day, and you get…

  • 2 annual maintenance visits: one heating and one cooling
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty on repairs
  • 15% Discount on heating and cooling repairs
  • 5% Discount on heating and cooling equipment
  • 5% Discount on air quality accessories (air cleaners, humidifiers, duct cleaning, and more)

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Appreciate that the technicians are making sure the repairs are made and I always feel they are not rushed in completing the job.

- Jackie H.

I would not hesitate to recommend this company

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