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Product List

FE4 Infinity® Fan Coil

The variable-speed Infinity® Fan Coil is an excellent addition to your Louisville home’s cooling system. It delivers the utmost energy efficiency in air movement, keeping your home at more consistent temperatures without noisy operation.

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FV4 Performance™ Fan Coil

Enhance your cooling system’s capabilities and efficiency with the Performance™ Fan Coil. Its variable-speed operation delivers improved humidity control and limits temperature swings inside your Louisville area home for better comfort and energy savings.

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FB4 Comfort™ Fan Coil

Pair your air conditioner or heat pump with the Comfort™ Fan Coil for enhanced system energy efficiency and utility savings. The multi-speed blower motor delivers more comfort options to enjoy inside your Louisville area home.

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59MN7 Infinity® 98 Gas Furnace with Greenspeed™ Intelligence

If you’re looking for the best heating performance and comfort, the Infinity® 98 Gas Furnace with Greenspeed™ Intelligence is the top pick amongst Louisville area homeowners. Packed with energy saving, performance enhancing features backed by intelligent control, this furnace delivers precision heating and an unmatched home comfort experience.

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59TN6 Infinity® 96 Gas Furnace

The Infinity® 96 Gas Furnace features Infinity controls and a variable-speed motor to give Louisville area homeowners the ultimate control over their heating comfort and energy consumption. While you benefit from precision temperature control in the winter, this system actually aids your cooling system in efficiency and dehumidification throughout the summer, too!

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59SP5 Performance™ Boost 90 Gas Furnace

The Carrier Performance™ Boost 90 Gas Furnace features a multi-speed blower motor for enhanced heating efficiency, which also complements the SEER levels of matched cooling systems for year-round energy efficiency improvements. This furnace offers a number of advanced systems to deliver a comfortable environment for your Louisville area home.

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58CVA Infinity® 80 Gas Furnace

The Infinity® 80 Gas Furnace delivers good heating efficiency and compatibility with the Infinity communicating system. This two-stage, variable-speed furnace helps you control energy consumption and comfort to your needs.

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58STA Comfort™ 80 Gas Furnace

Carrier’s Comfort™ 80 Gas Furnace is an affordable option for reliable heating in Louisville area homes. This model features solid components that are backed by superior Carrier warranties. Gain the heating system you need at a price that doesn’t bust your budget.

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25VNA8 Infinity® 18VS Heat Pump

The Infinity® 18VS Heat Pump brings variable-speed compression to your Louisville area home to deliver higher energy efficiency, better comfort control, and quieter operation. This combination heating and cooling system delivers desirable energy savings throughout the year.

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