FE4 Infinity® Fan Coil

The variable-speed Infinity® Fan Coil is an excellent addition to your Louisville home’s cooling system. It delivers the utmost energy efficiency in air movement, keeping your home at more consistent temperatures without noisy operation.


  • Enhanced Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Coils
  • Variable-Speed Blowout Is Quiet and Efficient
  • Ideal Humidity System Compatible
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve Refrigeration Management for Reliable and Energy-Efficient Operation
  • Sloped, Corrosion-Resistant Drain Pan Works to Prevent Mold and Bacteria Collection
  • Compatible With Air Purifiers and Humidifiers
  • Self-Configuration and Troubleshooting With Infinity Intelligence
  • Uses Environmentally Safe Puron® Refrigerant
  • 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty
  • Optional Labor Warranty
  • Electrical Resistance Heating Available


  • Fan Only Mode Delivers Ultra-Low Electricity Use
  • Quiet Operation
  • Washable Air Filter
  • Recommended for Use With Infinity Controls
  • 1.5 To 5-Ton Capacities Available
  • Upflow, Downflow, and Horizontal Installation Configurations
  • 208/230V
  • Cabinet Made From 20-Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Taupe Metallic Paint

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