Water Leak and Freeze Detector in Louisville

Water Leak and Freeze Detectors for Homes in the Louisville Area

While the possibility of a house fire is quite unnerving, the potential for water damage to occur is much higher, and much more likely to occur in the average Louisville area home. Even in areas outside of flood plains, water leaks are a real threat to the condition of your home and the many belongings stored inside.

Water leaks occur linked to many different leak and freeze issues – frozen pipes, water heater leaks, loose pipe fittings, sump pump failure, and more. These plumbing issues have the potential to fill your home with many gallons of water, adding many more gallons for every minute the leak goes unnoticed.

It is critical to identify any leak and freeze early on to prevent severe damage throughout your home. A water leak and freeze detector helps Louisville homeowners avoid expensive water damage repairs and endless hours of cleanup.

Ask any homeowner and they’ll tell you smoke detectors are a must – but unfortunately, many don’t realize the importance of water leak detector and freeze detector units, too. Using a network of smart water sensors and Wi Fi connectivity, any escaped water in high risk areas is found and homeowners are alerted via an app on their smart phone or device for early warning and fast mitigation of water leaks.

Jarboe’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling performs setup and installation for water leak and freeze detector systems in homes throughout Louisville. With such a system in place, you will be notified any time a leak is detected, allowing for quick repairs to prevent major water leaks and water damage.

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Water Leak and Freeze Detectors for the Home

When water leak detectors are installed throughout a home, the homeowner receives notification any time a leak is detected Whether a plumbing line leaks or frozen pipes burst, the presence of water is identified immediately. Via a connected app, homeowners receive alerts on a smart phone or device whenever the sensors detect water so they know repairs are needed right away. Minor leaks can be called out and corrected before they develop the potential to flood the home.

Water leak detectors and freeze detectors offer superior reliability for monitoring the plumbing system in your home. With leak detection systems in place, the risk of a sudden major water leak that causes expensive damage is drastically reduced, protecting your home and your valuables.

How Does a Leak Detection System Work?

A leak and freeze detector system works using a network of sensors equipped with water sensing cables. The sensors are installed in areas of the home identified as potentially high risk for water leaks and damage – typically, these are areas with plumbing appliances with the potential to release large volumes of water should they fail.

The sensing cable detects electrical conductivity possible when water is present. Once a circuit is completed, sensors send an alert via the app to the homeowner. Smart water sensors do not require smart home hubs or other technology to operate, so they are fairly easy and straightforward to set up. These units have a long battery life of about two years for ongoing reliability. Additional cables can be added to a leak detection system to cover more areas of the home.

Professional monitoring of alerts may be available, or the homeowner can choose to receive alerts from the Wi FI water sensors. When connected to an automatic shutoff valve, homeowners have the ability to turn off water supply to the entire home when an alert is received, preventing the possibility of a major leak until repairs are effectively made.

Setting Up Water Leak and Freeze Sensors

Leak detector sensors need to be strategically placed throughout the home in areas that present the greatest risk of water damage. When installing leak detection technology in your Louisville home, our plumbers evaluate the following locations and place sensors appropriately:


All bathrooms pose many potential sources of leaks, from overflowing toilets to broken pipes and fixtures. When something goes wrong with any plumbing components in the room, sensors are able to detect water and alert the homeowner.


Of all the areas in a home, basements are most likely to sustain water damage. In fact, virtually all basements in US homes will experience water damage over the home’s lifespan. Flooding from rising groundwater or plumbing issues can cause costly damage in basements, both due to the remediation needed and the loss of valuables stored in this area. When temperature and humidity rise in a flooded basement, the risk of mold also occurs, creating further damage to the home.

Utility Rooms

Homes with conventional tank water heaters need smart water sensors wherever these appliances are installed. If your water heater fails, you’re looking at the possibility of a major water leak. Sensors can help homeowners spot defects early when minor leaks appear.

Sump Pits

Sump pump failure is a frequent cause of basement and crawlspace flooding. Wi Fi water sensors are helpful for the detection of sump pump failure – installed in the sump basin, the sensor alerts when high water levels are present, which points to a sump pump failure.

Laundry Room

Washing machines themselves or their hoses can leak, causing lots of water to spill onto the floor in your laundry room. Cracked washing machine hoses are an easily avoidable issue, yet many Louisville homeowners don’t realize they need to be replaced every few years. Installing sensors under the washing machine alerts homeowners whenever leaks of any type occur.

HVAC Systems

Homes that have air conditioners or condensing furnaces should install sensors near the HVAC unit. These models produce condensation that runs out of the system through a drain line. If there are clogs or damage to the line, this moisture can leak onto the floor and into surrounding areas.

Is a Leak Detection System Necessary for My Home?

Water leak detectors are incredibly valuable for Louisville homeowners in terms of prevention. By detecting the most minor of leaks, these detectors alert you to the presence of plumbing issues, no matter how minor. With this information, repairs can be made to leaks that would otherwise go unnoticed until serious damage occurs. These detectors can save homeowners a fortune by eliminating expensive water damage and the many losses this damage causes.

These leak detectors are so valuable, you may receive incentives from your homeowners insurance company for installing them. Water damage claims create big costs for insurers year after year, so any help they can get in lowering the likelihood of a water damage claim is helpful and they return the favor usually with a reward or statement credit.

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