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Money in the grassGeothermal Energy Savings

Geothermal energy is up to 500% efficient. In other words, when you use one unit of electricity, you get up to five units back to condition the air in your home. That means that it takes less energy to keep you comfortable which saves you money. Plus, it can heat your water during the summer without additional energy usage. Since heating and cooling your home accounts for about 50% of your utility bills and water heating is another 14%, you can save big. Geothermal systems are so energy efficient that you may get your investment back in savings in as a little of 5-10 years, depending upon the efficiency of the system you are replacing.

Longer Life

The lifespan of a geothermal system is typically over 20 years as compared to 10 to 12 years for a traditional heating and cooling system. While a geothermal system may be up to twice the investment of a high-efficiency traditional system, you may still come out on top over time considering the 30% geothermal tax credit, utility rebates, and the fact that you may have to purchases two traditional systems to cover the same lifespan of a geothermal system. Geothermal is an investment that pays for itself over time.

Huge Savings Ending 12/31/16

Geothermal energy qualifies for an UNLIMITED federal tax credit of 30% of the purchase price. You may also qualify for additional utility rebates to add to your savings.

Environmentally Friendly

Geothermal systems are an environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. You can think of it as removing the effects of two cars or planting 750 trees, both of which help the environment.

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