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Here's How You Can Limit or Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

Water damage is absolutely devastating when it occurs – significant water damage has the potential to destroy your home and belongings, as well as wipe out invaluable mementos and heirlooms. Even minor plumbing leaks have the power to cause major damage. Take a stand and protect your Louisville home with the Moen Flo water monitoring system.

It’s a top cause of homeowner’s insurance claims every year, but you have the ability to fight back and defend your home when you equip your home with a Moen Flo water monitor. It’s the ultimate security system where leaks are concerned.

See what the Moen Flo does to protect your Louisville home – our plumbing pros share the details of this preventative technology. For more information or to have a Moen Flo water monitoring system installed in your Louisville home, contact Jarboe’s today!

The Moen Flo – Ultimate Leak Detection for Louisville Homes

The Moen Flo provides whole-home water monitoring through installation within your home’s primary cold-water intake lines. The system’s sensors actively monitor in-line conditions throughout the day to detect signs of water leaks and plumbing system vulnerabilities that point to potential water damage. This technology has been proven to reduce the chances of major water damage in homes where a Moen Flo system is installed.

The Moen Flo uses innovative technology and three types of sensors to get a total read on water conditions and usage in your household. It keeps a close eye on water temperature, pressure, and flow to detect changes that point to a leak. The system alerts you when issues are present, helps you troubleshoot and isolate plumbing problems, and know when you need professional plumbing repairs.

Artificial Intelligence for Your Plumbing System

If you’re familiar with smart thermostats, you know that these systems learn about your comfort preferences and your household habits for HVAC system use. The Moen Flo does the same thing but for your plumbing system! Artificial intelligence detects your household’s usual water use to learn what is normal, which allows the system to also determine what’s not.

The Moen Flo learns when and how frequently water-using tasks are performed and sets a baseline to compare condition readings against, which helps it discover conditions that indicate leaks. The system is alerted to even tiny changes in your home, which gives it the ability to detect even the most minor of water leaks – as small as one wasted drip of water per minute!

Pressure Monitoring

Improper water pressure throughout your home’s plumbing system fuels water leaks and significant water damage. The Moen Flo keeps a careful watch over water pressure to detect changes that point to possible leaks. Even minimal changes in water pressure are registered by the system, and you are alerted – many other water meters and leak detection systems aren’t able to do this.

Just like how high blood pressure causes damage to your body, high water pressure places your plumbing components under stress. Stress causes damage to components which often results in water leaks and, therefore, water damage. This is why it’s so important to have a system like the Moen Flo in place to alert you to abnormal water pressure conditions!

Moen Flo Features

The Moen Flo equips your home with several valuable features in the fight against leaks and water damage. The following technology works to best protect your Louisville home from serious water damage devastation:

  • The Moen Flo features MicroLeak™ technology. MicroLeak performs daily pressure-loss testing within your plumbing system to detect changes, big or small, in water pressure. It allows the Moen Flo to find even the most minor water leaks – the ones that have the power to cause major water damage because they typically go unnoticed.

  • When major water leaks are detected in your home, the Moen Flo provides immediate defense through automatic shut-off capabilities. The Moen Flo is able to shut off your home’s water supply when these changes occur to safeguard against major water damage.

  • Additionally, users are able to access remote water shut-off through the Moen Flo. If you are away from home and need to shut off water for any reason, you have the power to do so.

  • The Moen Flo keeps you connected with your home’s plumbing system through its mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Access data regarding home water use anytime, and use the Moen Flo’s helpful goalsetting features to put plans for water conservation in place. The system also sends alerts for maintenance and leak detection straight to your connected device. As long as the Moen Flo is Wi-Fi connected, you are able to access it anytime.

  • If your home is equipped with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTT, the Moen Flo integrates with your smart home hub! Connect the Moen Flo to enhance your user experience.

  • With the installation of a Moen Flo water monitoring system, you have the option to purchase a monthly FloProtect subscription, which provides added protections. Receive detailed water use analytics, proactive plumbing system monitoring, and water concierge services. 

  • A FloProtect subscription provides valuable protection and savings. With FloProtect, your Moen Flo system is covered by an additional extended warranty of three years. If you do have a water damage incident in your home, FloProtect offers deductible reimbursement up to $2,500 for water damage insurance claims.

The Ins and Outs of Water Damage

Water damage is a real concern for homeowners in Louisville and throughout the country. It impacts many families each year. Don’t risk the devastation and hassle that comes from water damage – learn the stats on water damage to see why a Moen Flo system in your home is a smart move.

  • Of Insured Homes, One in 50 Has a Water Damage Claim Every Year
  • These Claims Result in an Average Loss of $10,234
  • These Claims Cost Insurers About $2.5 Billion in Losses Each Year
  • Your home is five times more likely to suffer water damage losses than losses from theft, and water damage is six times more likely to occur than a fire at home.
  • 40% of homeowners have a water damage claim at some point during their years of homeownership.
  • About 14,000 homeowners are forced to rush home to deal with unexpected water leaks each day.
  • 98% of Basements Suffer Water Damage at Some Point Over the Home’s Life
  • Most Homes Have Water Leaks That Cause 17 Gallons of Water Loss Each Day
  • 10% of homes have even more significant and unknown water leaks, wasting a minimum of 90 gallons of water loss each day.
  • Even issues that seem minor cause major problems – a 1/8-inch crack in a plumbing pipe has the potential to leak up to 250 gallons of water every day.

As you see, water damage is a common threat homeowners face. The Moen Flo is a device that helps you take a proactive stance against water leaks and the damage they cause. In addition to your own peace of mind, the Moen Flo may help you lower your insurance premiums. Check with your homeowner’s insurance company to see if installation of a Moen Flo water monitoring system qualifies you for policy discounts.

More Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Your Louisville Home

While the Moen Flo provides great protection against water damage, there are other steps homeowners should take for further prevention. Follow these tips to curb water leaks and damage in your Louisville home:

  • Your plumbing system and appliances need annual maintenance to ensure they are in proper working condition. Maintenance reduces the likelihood of leaks – call your plumber today to schedule your annual maintenance visit.

  • Appliance hoses are a common cause of water damage, as they spill large amounts of water into your home when they malfunction. Check your hoses each year and look for damage or brittle condition and replace when needed. It’s wise to use higher quality hoses versus cheaper models, as their enhanced features provide more protection against failures.

  • Leaving your home while water-using appliances run is asking for trouble – don’t be tempted to run a load of laundry or dishes while you go out to run errands. Also, shut off water to appliances anytime you leave the home on vacation.

  • Know where the water shut-off valves are in your home. There is one that controls the main supply line, as well as shut-off valves for individual fixtures like toilets or leaks. If a leak from a plumbing line occurs or you are unable to pinpoint the leak’s location, turn off the main shut-off valve and call your plumber. If you know the leak is coming from a specific toilet or sink, you can turn off the fixture’s shut-off valve until repairs are made.

Have the Moen Flo Installed by Jarboe’s

As your preferred Louisville plumber, Jarboe’s is here to care for and protect your home’s plumbing system and equipment. We know the power of the Moen Flo water monitoring system and see how it makes a difference in our customers’ homes. Our licensed plumbing technicians provide accurate installation of the Moen Flo system and help you understand how to use it to best protect your home.

Get the Moen Flo installed to protect your Louisville home – contact Jarboe’s today to learn more.

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