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Reasons Behind Uneven Home Cooling and How to Correct Uneven Cooling

If your air conditioning system doesn’t deliver even cool air and consistent temperatures throughout your home, you probably experience some frustration. Uneven cooling is a common problem for a multi-story or two-story home, as heat rises creating discomfort upstairs while the downstairs floor stays at a comfortable cooling level. There could be an issue with your heating and cooling unit or home deficiency preventing the air conditioner from cooling the home evenly.

Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing helps you correct uneven home air conditioning with HVAC system maintenance solutions, professional central air conditioning services, and other home tips. Solve central air problems and take control of your heating air conditioning system for better comfort throughout the summer season.

What Causes Uneven Home Air Conditioning and Heating?

Uneven cooling results from various issues with the central air conditioner or air ducts of a house. If you find it difficult to control temperatures in rooms of your home while the air conditioning system runs, one of the following situations may apply:

Blocked Vents in Rooms: Rooms in areas of your home may not receive enough air conditioning if vents are blocked or closed. Furniture, carpets, and belongings placed atop vent covers stop cool air from entering the space – closed louvers within the vent cover do the same. A room with blocked vents stays hot while the air ducts redirect cold air into rooms with open vents.

Leaks in Your Air Ducts: Cool air from the central air conditioning unit is distributed across the house via air ducts. Damage to ductwork, loose connections, and other openings allow conditioned air to exit the ducts and also create a pathway for hot air to enter the air moving to your living areas. If a room is supplied by a leaking duct, the air coming in has more heat while other living areas receive air at a lower temperature.

Low Attic Insulation Levels: If the attic of a house lacks insulation, the home can lose a great deal of cooling through its roof. Without proper insulation, the attic does not hold cooling within the living areas so rooms become hotter.

Using Dirty Filters: HVAC systems use filters to control airflow and keep contaminants out of the equipment. Once a filter fills with pollution, it is too dirty to facilitate free air movement. Dirty filters form a blockage within the heating and cooling system that stops the air conditioner from delivering sufficient cooling in your home.

Short Cycling Air Conditioner: A cooling cycle should last around 15 to 20 minutes. When the air conditioner stops cooling after 10 minutes or less, the system doesn’t create enough cool air to manage comfortable conditions across the whole house. This is known as short cycling and it can be damaging to your air conditioning and heating units.

Aging AC Equipment: One of the first signs you’ll notice when your house is due for a new air conditioner is uneven cooling. With age, an air conditioner loses capacity and will struggle to create enough cooling to manage demands throughout an entire house. Occupants notice that a room farther away from the system has more heat than rooms closer to the central air unit.

In a multi-story house or two-story home, it is normal to experience uneven cooling between the upstairs floor and downstairs floor. Heat rises, which makes rooms on the upper floor hot while any room downstairs can stay comfortable. A conventional cooling system cannot address the unique needs of these different spaces on its own. Zoning system technology is needed to allow the air conditioner to produce more cool air for one area without affecting other spaces in the house.

Solve Problems with Unbalanced Cooling in Your Home

If balancing cold air across the different areas of your home creates a comfort problem for your family, Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing shares critical tips to help your household better control heating air conditioning energy.

Keep Vents Open

Blocked vents cause poor comfort but are easy to solve. Address this issue by checking every vent in each room of the house. Remove rugs, furniture, and possessions sitting atop or in front of supply and return vents. Check register covers to make sure louvers are open, not stuck closed, or closed intentionally.

Adjust Fan Operation for Better Circulation

Typically, homeowners use the AUTO fan setting as a default. This fan setting runs the HVAC fan only during an air conditioning cycle.

At your thermostat, switch the fan to ON instead of AUTO. The ON setting runs the fan continuously, regardless of air conditioner operation. Instead of sticking with the AUTO fan setting to conserve electricity, spend a few extra dollars a month and run the system fan more frequently to increase air circulation in your home to better balance temperatures in all rooms.

Request Sealing Service for Ductwork

Call your trusted HVAC professional and request ductwork sealing services. Sealing for air ducts eliminates leaks that cause your ductwork to lose cool air and gain heat. By eliminating air leaks, your home will receive the intended cold air and each area’s comfort will be easier to control.

Increase Attic Insulation

Add insulation to the home’s attic and other problem spots such as under the floor to make the residence more energy efficient. With higher R-values, your home has the necessary insulation to trap in cold air so the temperature stays consistent indoors.

Air Filter Maintenance

Changing your air filters is an important part of central air conditioning maintenance. Free your system from blockages so cold air can efficiently move through ducts and into living spaces across the home.

Schedule Repair Service for Your Air Conditioning Unit

If a cooling cycle ends after just a few minutes, it’s time to call for professional AC repair service. Your technician will inspect your air conditioner and identify the malfunction responsible for short cycling. Once this issue is corrected, the air conditioner is better equipped to provide even-temperature cooling in your home.

Add a Zoning System

Work with your HVAC company to outfit your cooling unit with a zoning system and keep the indoor temperature consistent whether you’re upstairs or downstairs! A zoning system splits your home into multiple zones and allows your existing air conditioner to run as needed, controlling the temperature of each zone without disrupting conditions in other areas.

A thermostat is placed in each zone and dampers installed in ducts to control cool air supply. When one thermostat is adjusted, the AC system sends cool air only to that area. That zone gains the needed cooling while no extra cool air fills other areas. In homes without a zoning system, one thermostat operates the AC system under one setting, which isn’t always appropriate for comfort control in all areas of the home.

Install a New Air Conditioner

When cooling in your home fluctuates and some areas are too hot or too cold, a new air conditioner can solve this problem. Install a new air conditioning system to deliver consistent temperatures throughout your home.

Air Conditioning Services in Louisville

Are you ready to implement these HVAC tips for better comfort and even cooling in your Louisville home? Call Jarboe’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to schedule service.

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