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When you have a beautiful home in Fern Creek, KY that you love, issues with plumbing, heating, or air conditioning can be incredibly stressful. You might arrive home on a hot summer’s day to discover that your home is muggy and uncomfortable, or issues with your plumbing could leave you with overflowing toilets or sinks that won’t drain. For this reason, the team at Jarboe’s is always on hand to handle your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs.

Our experienced technicians understand what you are up against, and they are always available to help. As a team, we are completely committed to ensuring your happiness and satisfaction from the moment you call in. Our friendly Client Care team will answer your call, talk with you about which problems you are experiencing, and go through some basic troubleshooting with you. If one of our plumbers or HVAC professionals is needed to conduct an on-site repair, they will dispatch the appropriate contractor as soon as possible.

We are committed to quickly and efficiently diagnosing the problems in your home and providing lasting, long-term solutions—not quick fixes that leave you wondering what will break next. Our solution-focused, winning team of highly ethical professionals have been making homeowners happy since 1986, and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Fern Creek, KY

Summers can get hot in Fern Creek, KY, and air conditioning issues aren’t always something you can leave for later. When the weather becomes dangerously hot, air conditioning problems are essential, which is why our heating and cooling team is available to help 24/7/365.

From the moment you call our office, our Client Care professionals will work with you to get to the root of the problem. To establish an appropriate starting point, our Client Care professionals will listen to your concerns about your air conditioner and ask you to perform a few basic troubleshooting steps, such as checking your electrical breakers and ensuring that your thermostat is set to the appropriate settings.

If a repair is necessary, they will dispatch one of their NATE Certified HVAC technicians to fix your air conditioner. Our people will work hard to understand the issue your system is having, and will take the time to talk with you about how to prevent future issues down the road. Since our technicians drive fully stocked trucks, they may be able to perform an immediate repair.

If your system needs to be replaced, our comfort care technicians will be dispatched to your home to measure your space and calculate the appropriate cooling load for a new system. Window placement, heat generating appliances, and even the number of people who live in your home will be calculated, so the new system operates as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

Our goal is to become your go-to Fern Creek, KY air conditioning specialist, which is why we offer convenient options like free estimates and in-house financing.


Furnace Repair in Fern Creek, KY

Winters in Fern Creek, KY may be short, but they can be very, very cold. With high average snowfall and sub-zero temperatures, it is essential to have a working furnace. Although many people do everything they can to maintain their heating and cooling systems, problems can happen to anyone, and we are always on hand to help.

When you call in, our Client Care team will work hard to understand the problem. They may ask you whether or not you noticed anything strange before the furnace stopped working, such as a bad smell or a strange noise. After we have a starting point to work from, we may have you do some very basic troubleshooting such as checking your breaker box, flipping the switch on your furnace exterior, or adjusting your thermostat.

If repairs are necessary, our team will sent out a NATE Certified heating and cooling contractor to fix your furnace. Issues are carefully examined, and repairs will be made immediately if we have the part available. In instances when a full replacement is necessary, our Comfort Care team will come to your home to measure your space and calculate the heating load, helping your future heater to work more efficiently.

We want to become your go-to resource for furnace repair, which is why we are focused on offering convenient resources for our clients. Please let us know what we can do to help.


Plumbing Repair in Fern Creek, KY

If plumbing problems have plagued your Fern Creek, KY home, you aren’t alone. When homes start to age, they can develop issues like damaged septic lines, problematic toilets, and slow drains. While it can be tempting to do an Internet search for “finding the best plumbers near me,” we are just a call away!

With 24/7/365 availability, free estimates, and convenient financing, you can have your water heater, toilet, faucet, or plumbing lines repaired in no time. When you call our office, our Client Care professionals will chat with you about your problem to use information as a starting point. If repairs are necessary, they will dispatch one of our trusted licensed plumbers to your home to evaluate and repair the problem.

Each of our plumbers drives a fully stocked truck, helping them to create durable, long-lasting repairs as soon as possible. With our commitment to customer service and customer knowledge, we are confident that you will choose us to be your lifelong plumbing team.

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